235lb Bodybuilder Vs. 145lb MMA Fighter… Who do you think wins??

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Now we’ve all seen a hundred and one videos of some huge bodybuilder taking on a martial arts fighter half their size and getting their ass whopped! But no no no… This one is very different!!

Meet Jujimufu… The crazy, flexible, acrobatic 235lb bodybuilder. You might recognise him from some one of his many crazy videos flying about the internet, such as doing the splits on chairs while holding 225lbs above his head… Yep, you read that right.

So what happens when you take an insanely acrobatic multi talented bodybuilder and stack him upon against a fighter nearly half his size???

Find out below!

Author: James / Founder of BroScience

I started this site back in 2014 because I was tired of the fitness industry telling guys like me lies.

Getting ripped doesn't have to be so hard... I'm here to give you the truth! The no bullsh*t advice.

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James Caird
James Caird
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I want to help you get 3x FASTER results in half the time....

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