8 Foods That Boost Testosterone Levels

We all know just how important testosterone is. It’s the male hormone responsible for determining things like muscle mass, body fat levels, energy levels, confidence, aggressiveness and other traditionally “masculine” characteristics. However, it seems as though there is some sort of conspiracy going on about trying to lower testosterone levels in men. T-levels have been dropping steadily for years as a result of the foods we eat, the lifestyles we live and all the chemicals in products we use. Fortunately, there’s also been a ton of new research coming out that has helped us figure out the best foods for boosting testosterone levels.

Given how important testosterone is to building muscle, not to mention to having a better quality of life in general, you owe it to yourself to do everything that you can to boost your t-levels. Today we’ve put together a list of some of the best testosterone-boosting foods out there. Make sure you incorporate these into your diet and you can stop yourself from turning into a low-t loser like most guys these days.

1 – Oats

Oats are a bodybuilding staple for a reason. They contain high-quality carbohydrates that give your body sustained energy. Additionally, they are cheap to purchase and are very flexible in terms of how you use them. They can be consumed directly, or added to a smoothie to boost the calorie count. Either way, you are seriously missing out if you aren’t incorporating oats into your diet.

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One feature of oats that many people aren’t aware of is the fact that they contain nutrients that indirectly signal to your body to produce more testosterone. We won’t get into the science behind it, but if you are interested look up avenacosides.

2 – Blueberries

Blueberries don’t actually boost testosterone levels directly, but they do something equally important – they reduce estrogen levels. Estrogen is a very harmful hormone for men as it actually works against testosterone. That means as your estrogen levels go up, your testosterone levels drop. That means if you eat blueberries, which contain nutrients that reduce estrogen levels in the body, you will indirectly be increasing testosterone levels.

Another thing we love about blueberries is that they can be added to a smoothie to improve taste, added to oats, or consumed straight up. We eat blueberries almost daily to reap the benefits of their estrogen-smashing nutrients.

3 – Red Meat

Forget what you might have heard about avoiding red meat. The truth is, sources of red meat such as beef, lamb and game are excellent sources of vitamin D and saturated fat – both of which have been shown to boost testosterone production. When purchasing beef, always try to pick up the grass-fed type as these contain fewer antibiotics and hormones. Don’t worry about what you might hear with regards to red meat being linked to heart disease. The truth is that people who suffer from heart disease are predominantly fat and out of shape. If you eat red meat but are muscular and cut chances are this won’t happen to you.

4 – Nuts

Almonds, cashews and brazil nuts are all great sources of nutrients that boost testosterone production in males. They are also calorie dense making it easier for you to hit your daily calorie target with them. When buying nut butters, make sure you are getting a natural one where the nuts are the only ingredient. Some health food stores will actually allow you to crunch up the nuts in the store so you know you are getting a quality product that hasn’t been laced with nasti additives.

5 – Testosterone Boosters

Trying to consume all of these foods can be tough, believe me we know. That’s why taking a high-quality testosterone booster can help you. These products are loaded with ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels. This is very important because by taking all the products together you get a nice synergistic effect, not to mention you won’t lose your mind trying to run around and buying all the ingredients individually. While the price might seem high, it’s actually cheaper than buying the ingredients on their own, not to mention far more convenient.

Trying to pick a testosterone booster can seem like a daunting task. There have been a lot of new products coming out recently and some, quite frankly, are better than others. In order to make things easier for you, we’ve tested and reviewed some of the most popular products out there. Click here to check out our dedicated testosterone booster page.

6 – Eggs

When it comes to eating eggs, don’t make the mistake of throwing out the yolk. This is where you will find a lot of the helpful nutrients such as vitamin D, omega 3s, cholesterol and saturated fat. Eggs are convenient, cheap and a staple food for just about every bodybuilder out there. In fact, we know guys who eat a dozen eggs per day! We aren’t saying you have to go that far, but if you want a high-quality protein source that will boost your testosterone production, look no further!

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7 – Veggies

Vegetables like broccoli, kale and spinach are loaded with helpful nutrients – not to mention they are low in calories. Bodybuilders are often encouraged to eat tons of veggies, particularly when on a cut, since they are low in calories and help you feel full. The nutrients they contain help reduce estrogen levels in the body which, as we explained earlier, means higher testosterone levels.

8 – Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the purest sources of monounsaturated fats out there. It has been shown to help boost testosterone production and can be used for cooking or added to a meal for better taste. Coconut oil is also a good option however it is heavier on the saturated fat. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, you will always want to get a variety of fats in your diet for optimal nutrition.

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