What Is BroScience All About?

WELCOME to BroScience…

My name is James and the reason I started this site back in 2014 is pretty simple:

I WANT you to achieve the optimal alpha male status…

There are three main things we need to master together in order to do that:

  1. Achieve a jacked body that demands respect every time you step in the room
  2. Know how to make girls obsess over you and do everything you ask them to do
  3. Achieve financial success so that you can do whatever the f**k you wanna do with your life

The internet (and the fitness industry especially) is filled with scammers and liars that don’t really care about your success…

They only want to take your money as fast as possible…

Which is why you haven’t been able achieve success in the past.

The big companies don’t really want you to be successful…

  • They don’t really want you get ripped as f**k because then you won’t need their supplements anymore
  • They don’t really want you to become alpha because then they can’t manipulate you into buying products you don’t really need
  • They don’t really want you to get rich because then they can’t make you their slave employee


I was sick and tired of seeing guys like myself take advice from scammers…

Which is why I started BroScience.

We’re all brothers in here and we all give each other the 100% real truth and support that we need in order to become successful.

Because achieving the optimal male status isn’t easy…

There’s no denying that.

Yes, you absolutely need support from brothers you can trust.

Yes, some workout programs really work.

Yes, some supplements really work.

But the hardest part is knowing what is bullshit and what is not…

  • Together we can take down the big companies and all the scammers.
  • Together we will become jacked as fuck.
  • Together we will learn how to make girls obsess
  • Together we will become rich.

Talk soon,

James founder of BroScience 

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