Anavar: Pros and Cons of Using “the Safest” Steroid Out There

Want to understand the Pros and Cons of Anavar? I’d understand why as it delivers hard, ripped and strong muscles FAST and is ALSO considered the safest steroid out there.

But safest doesn’t mean it’s safe and it’s also very ILLEGAL. Which is why I need to tell you this first:

Disclaimer: We do not and would never recommend steroids, simply because of the fact that they are illegal. However, our goal has always been to educate and keep it real with you. This article is for educational purposes only. Please do not take this article seriously and always consult with a doctor before adding any kind of supplements into your diet. (And don’t forget to get permission from your mom as well heheheh.)

Anavar is often referred to as the single most important steroid to create that ultimate aesthetic look. It improves muscle hardness by helping you get ripped while maintaining muscle and increasing strength levels quickly.

Anavar is taken in pill form and the side-effects are mild (compared to other steroids) which is probably why it’s so popular amongst both male and female fitness models.

anavar pros and cons

However, please don’t misunderstand me. Mild side-effects does NOT mean that it’s safe. Far from it. The side-effects of Anavar can be extremely dangerous, in rare cases it has even led to sudden death.

Good news! In recent years the supplement industry has evolved very fast and a few premium companies have been able to create legal anavar alternatives that mimic the muscle hardening, fat loss and strength gains you’d get from Anavar WITHOUT the side-effects. More on that later in the article.

Now, here are the potential pros and cons of Anavar (Oxandrolone) the steroid:

Pros – Why Anavar might be good

Anavar is the ultimate steroid to give you that final edge. It gives you a super lean and cut look….. You could expect fast fat loss while retaining lean muscle mass and increasing strength levels.

Pros of using Anavar

  • Increases strength levels even though you’re cutting and calorie intake is lower
  • Accelerates fat loss
    • Most users report FAST fat loss around the abs section, so you might get visible abs more quickly
  • Improves vascularity quickly – it makes the most out of the muscles you already have
  • Increases muscle pumps – means you’ll gain strength and lean muscle faster
  • Maintains muscle mass while you burn fat fat faster
  • Improves muscle density and hardness
  • Doesn’t aromatize (meaning it’s unlikely you get man-boobs and other feminine side-effects like you’d get with other popular steroids)
  • Removes unnecessary water weight quickly
  • Mild side-effects compared to other steroids (still not safe though)
  • Increases energy in your body
    • You can train harder and longer
  • Speeds up recovery time
    • Helps you get faster results
    • You can train harder and more often
  • Oral – No nasty needles required
  • Affordable

Cons – Why Anavar might be bad

Okay, so the strength and fat loss gains are pretty awesome considering that it’s the safest steroid out there. But “safest” does NOT mean it’s entirely safe. Let me be clear. Anavar is toxic and can come with very serious side-effects, in extreme cases even sudden death.

These cons and side-effects of using Anavar are not guaranteed but have been reported:

  • It’s ILLEGAL to use!
  • Suppresses testosterone production
  • Decreased libido
  • Depression
  • Severe acne
  • Hair loss
  • Liver damage (very serious)
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased bad cholesterol
  • Women: you can suddenly get a deep male-like voice and experience clitoral enlargement.
  • Increased risk of death (mostly due to liver damage)
  • Heart failure

Safe (and Legal) Anavar Alternatives

Luckily for you and me it’s the year 2017!!! The supplement industry has evolved very quickly in the last few years. A handful of premium bodybuilding supplement companies have been able to formulate products that mimic the fat loss and the strength increase effects of Anavar WITHOUT the side-effects!!!

That’s AWESOME, right?

Just imagine yourself short 30 days from now when you have that ultimate aesthetic look, not only have you gotten shredded quickly but also have you increased your strength and created a physique that turns heads…

Everyone will assume you’re on steroids when in fact you’ve just been using a legal anavar alternative and experiencing the fat loss effects of anavar without the side-effects and without doing something illegal.

Wouldn’t you feel great about yourself?

Here is the best legal anavar alternative on the market right now:

#1 Winner: Anvarol by Crazy Bulk

legal anavar alternatives pros and cons

Anvarol was voted the #1 most effective safe and legal anavar alternaive in our Top 3 Legal Anavar Alternatives guide that we created the other day. It was voted that for a good reason.

Anvarol is packed with premium natural ingredients that can create awesome results for you and unlike most other companies we researched, Crazy Bulk has loads of testimonials to back up their claims.

Here are the pros and cons of Anvarol:

Pros of Anvarol:

  • 100% natural, safe and legal
  • No needles, no prescription
  • EXPLOSIVE Power & strength
  • SHREDS stubborn fat fast
  • IMPROVES Muscle hardness & density
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free
  • Free and fast worldwide shipping in discreet packaging

Cons of Anvarol:

  • Premium priced
  • Only available through their official website

Stack it

anavar results cutting stack offer

Supercharge your results with the Cutting Stack. Keep in mind that the Cutting Stack is designed for MEN that want the fastest and the absolute best results possible. WOMEN should NOT stack it, the Cutting Stack is too powerful for them.

Learn more:

  1. Go to Anvarol’s official website –> Anvarol Official website
  2. Read more about legal anavar alternative –> Top 3 Legal Anavar Alternatives

Author: James / Founder of BroScience

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