Anavar Side Effects: Dangers and Risks of Using Oxandrolone(Anavar)

The Anavar side effects are often described by steroid users as mild compared to other steroids.  This oral steroid is popular amongst bodybuilder because of it’s muscle building properties and effectiveness to lose fat.

anavar side effects

Anavar can cause side effects such as:

  • Acne
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Hair loss
  • Suppress in natural testosterone production.
  • Depression
  • Hypertension

In this article we will cover the benefits and cons of Anavar and go in detail on the side effects that may occur with the use of this steroid.

anavar side effects

The steroid anavar is anabolic and works effectively for weight loss and to build muscle mass, that’s the main reason why it has become increasingly popular in recent years.

One study concludes that:

Short term (5 days) Anavar administration stimulated an increase in skeletal muscle protein synthesis and improved intracellular reutilization of amino acids.

Here’s the deal:

Anavar is looked upon as “mild steroid”  because it is less androgenic than testosterone and other anabolic steroids.

It’s often referred to as “the woman steroid” because of it is less androgenic compared to other steroids.

Making it less likely for females to experience the development of male characteristics which is the reason most women never use steroids.

However it is always a risk for females (and males) to use the drug and they could experience side effects as with all steroids.

The good thing about Anavar is that it does not aromatize (convert into estrogen). Which means that you will be less likely to experience one of the most common problem amongst steroid users which is getting gynecomastia (bitch tits)

The drug is also less toxic to the liver than most anabolic steroids, one study reports that no liver damage was found in users when using a clinical dosage.

There is definitely a reason why Anavar has gained popularity in recent year.

That’s because it comes with several desirable benefits for athletes and bodybuilders.

Anavar Benefits

anavar side efffects

Even though the anavar side effects can be harmful there is a reason why people are using the steroid.

Anavar comes with desirable benefits such as:

  • More vascularity and less water retention.
  • Increases strength levels
  • Helps burn off fat while maintaining and building muscle mass
  • It doesn’t aromatize (convert into estrogen) so you are less likely to get a gynecomastia while using it.
  • Gives you more muscle pumps while training.
  • Muscle building properties

Read our full article on anavar benefits and how it affects the body here.

Even though Anavar can dramatically give you the boost that you need it has some downsides to it.

Since bodybuilders tend to take a very high dose of the drug (80-120mg) it not longer becomes as safe as many people tend to believe.

Anavar cycles can range from a daily use of 2.5mg- 120mg.

Here’s the deal:

Most scientific studies available on the Anavar side effects were made with people using a low dose of the drug.

So it may not be as safe as people may believe.

Here’s the issue:

There is also a problem, Users suggest anavar is relatively ineffective when used on a low dose, but with the higher dose it becomes more effective but also more dangerous.

The bottom line?

The Anavar side effects become more serious the higher dose you take but it won’t work very well on a low dose.

Anavar positive effects

anavar before after


There are few ways anavar affects the body that help to build muscle mass and lose body fat.

The main effects of anavar are:

  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Increases nitrogen retention
  • Strength increase
  • Boosts the metabolic rate of the body.

Users generally feel an explosive boost in strength levels when using Anavar.

This is one of the most noticed effect of using anavar.

The increase in protein synthesis and nitrogen retention are responsible for the muscle gains experienced when using the drug.

By having more muscle mass it boosts the metabolic rate of the body, resulting in more fat loss.

Anavar for weight loss

anavar side effects

Anavar will work for fat loss even though it does not directly target fat cells,  it helps to increase the metabolism in the body.

Here’s how it works.

As you know one of the main functions of anavar is to help retain and build muscle mass.

Since muscles burn off more calories than fat, having more muscle mass will boost the metabolic rate of the body.

That’s why Anavar is often used in a bodybuilders cutting cycle where the goal is to build or maintain muscle mass while losing fat.

Another weight loss benefit of anavar is that it eliminates water retention it helps users get rid of unwanted water weight and get more vascular.

The results?

The anavar results that people expect when using it is to preserving their hard earned muscle mass while dropping fat in a cutting phase.

If you are interested in learning more on what results to expect using anavar for weight loss read our article on:   Anavar only cycle results here.

The anavar side effects are however nasty and harmful.

That’s why I was very pleased to find out that:

Premium supplement have now formulated a legal Anavar alternative that mimics the effects of Anavar without side effects. (we will discuss this later on in this article)

Anavar Side Effects For Men

Anavar side effects

Anavar side effects can be both harmful and unpleasant.

This is especially a risk if large doses are used frequently.

Before using Anavar it is important to be aware of the risks and dangers it could cause.

This is a concern:

It has been reported on several websites that guys have been buying fake anavar and getting scammed.

This can be extremely dangerous, if you don’t know that steroid you are putting in your body you are even a greater risk.

If that is the case,  you could experience other things than the anavar side effects we mention below.

  • Acne

As most anabolic and androgenic steroids, anavar causes the sebaceous glands in the skin to produce more oil.

This could result in a oiler skin and disgusting acne.

Those who are sensitive to acne are extremely susceptible to getting acne while using this steroid.

  • Hypertension (High blood pressure)

Anabolic steroids such as Anavar can cause the body to retain sodium which can lead to elevated blood pressure.

It get’s worse:

High blood pressure for a long period of time can be very dangerous and cause a heart attack, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, vision loss, chronic kidney disease and more.

If you already have problems with high blood pressure it is advised to stay off Anavar and any other anabolic steroid.

  • High Cholesterol – Increase in LDL (bad cholesterol)

Anavar can cause an increase in LDL(bad cholesterol) and decrease in HDL (good cholesterol)

This may vary between individuals and how they use the drug.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

If you already have problems with high cholesterol you should stay away from Anavar.

High cholesterol can cause a heart attack and a stroke.

  • Suppressed testosterone production

Anavar can cause low testosterone levels, that’s why many guys do a PCT at the end of an anavar cycle to prevent this from happening.

Low testosterone levels could cause a loss in muscle mass, testicular atrophy, decrease in sex drive and decrease in energy levels.

  • Testicular atrophy

Anavar can cause testicular atrophy, that’s when your testicles shrink because of a lower sperm count and testosterone suppression.

In most cases this goes back to normal with discontinued use of the drug. The bigger the dose the longer the recovery will take.

  • Hair loss

If you are genetically prone to hair loss DHT derived steroids such as Anavar can speed that process up.

DHT causes hair follicles to shrink and eventually stop growing.

You will only lose your hair if at some point you were going to get bald anyway then Anavar will make you lose your hair faster.

  • Priapism

Anavar can cause priapism (long or unwanted erections)

  • Risk of liver damage

As we have established that anavar is probably the least liver toxic steroid out there.


That doesn’t mean that it cannot damage the liver, when taken in large doses for a long period of time it could potentially do some damage.

  • Depression

Many people report feeling depression when taking Anavar.

This is possible because Anavar lowers HDL(good cholesterol),  which can result in a bad mood, depression or feeling unmotivated.

These Anavar side effects are not guaranteed but have been reported

Anavar female side effects

anavar side effects

Anavar often referred to as “the woman steroid” because it is mild compared to other anabolic steroids.

The biggest concern for women is definitely virilization, they could develop masculine traits using the drug.

Here’s the deal:

Even though Anavar is less androgenic compared to other steroids, it is definitely not risk free.

Women should be aware that they could potentially experience anavar side effects that include:

  • Deepening of voice
  • Body hair growth
  • Clitoral enlargement

These side effects are limited to females, however women could also experience most of the side effects we mentioned above.

These anavar side effects could be permanent if not identified early on.

If you are a woman and identify any of these side effects while using the drug you should stop use immediately.

Legal Anavar Supplement – Anvarol

anavar side effects

Premium supplement companies have now created legal Anavar alternatives that mimics the muscle building and fat loss effects of Anavar.

One of the best one is called Anvarol and it is formulated with natural ingredients, is very effective and comes with no side effects.

Anvarol was created for those who don’t want to get disgusting acne or possibly harm their health but you still need to get a supplement that will actually work to build muscle and lose fat.

The best part?

You could use this Anavar alternative and actually get similar results or at least experience the same effects as you would get with Anavar the steroid.

Everyone will think you use steroids but you:

  • Won’t have disgusting acne
  • Won’t possibly lose your hair
  • Won’t mess up your natural testosterone levels.

Here’s the kicker:

Anvarol is for those who want to go the safe route and are not willing to risk their health, but I definitely understand why some people might be interested in trying Anavar the steroid, for most people the side effects are simply not worth the short term gains they deliver.

That’s why we are so lucky to live in 2017 and you can actually get something that works similarly as Anavar without risking our health.

Anvarol by CrazyBulk

Anvarol was voted the #1 most effective safe and legal anavar alternaive in our Top 3 Legal Anavar Alternatives guide.

This supplement contains premium ingredients that are backed up by science, on top of that it has loads of positive testimonials to back up their claims.

Here are the pros of Anvarol:

  • 100% natural formula
  • Safe and legal
  • Delivers more power and strength
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Is included in the cutting stack
  • Helps with losing body fat
  • Buy 2 get 1 for free offer
  • Free worldwide shipping

Anvarol Cons:

  • Premium priced supplement
  • Only Available through their official website CrazyBulk

Can Anvarol be stacked with other legal steroid alternatives?

Yes, Anvarol can be stacked with other legal steroids to get faster results.

The most popular stack is the cutting stack which is also available on their official website.

More info:

Check out Anvarols official website => CrazyBulk

Read our complete Cutting stack review were Anvarol is included => Cutting stack review

Refrences and scientific studies

The Effect of Oxandrolone on the Endocrinologic, Inflammatory, and Hypermetabolic Responses During the Acute Phase Postburn

Short-term oxandrolone administration stimulates net muscle protein synthesis in young men.

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