Benefits Of Testosterone – How High Testosterone Levels Can Make You Bigger, Stronger & Leaner

Testosterone is a sex hormone we naturally produce in our testicles. It is an androgen hormone that promotes muscle growth and development of male sex characteristics. The benefits of testosterone are crucial for overall health and well being.

The hormone testosterone is responsible for developing features that make men look like men. That’s why it is often called “the man hormone”.

In fact, men produce about 10-15 times more testosterone than women.

That’s the primary reason men are in general stronger, have more muscle mass, lower body fat, more aggressiveness and possess male characteristics such as facial hair and broad shoulders.

Here’s the deal:

The problem many men face at some point in their lives are low testosterone levels.

As we age our natural production of this very important hormone declines with each year that goes by.

Young men may also suffer from low testosterone levels.

This may because they are too fat, have a poor diet, do not exercise or simply naturally have low testosterone production.

One thing is for sure, with age our testosterone levels drop.


This can cause symptoms such as loss of muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, increase in body fat and lower energy levels.

It is essential to keep our testosterone at levels were we can function properly in our daily life and maintain our youthfulness.

As we will discuss later on in this article the benefits of testosterone are crucial.

Here’s some good news.

If you fear that you have low testosterone levels, take a deep breath and relax.

Because there are plenty of ways you can get those levels back to a normal range.

Later on in this article we will discuss ways to increase natural testosterone production.

Benefits Of Testosterone

benefits of testosterone

As men it our responsibility to keep and maintain our testosterone levels in check.

The benefits of testosterone can drastically make our lives better, easier and more enjoyable.

Muscle Mass

Testosterone promotes protein synthesis which results in more muscle growth (anabolic effects)

Therefore by having higher testosterone levels it will be easier to maintain and build muscle mass.

Higher Energy Levels

Having low levels of testosterone levels can make men feel fatigued.

Restoring those levels back to normal will increase energy levels.

Increased Libido

Testosterone is responsible for our sex drive.

When going through puberty our body increases testosterone production significantly.


That’s also the first time we felt sexual desire.

Having high levels of testosterone has been linked with increased libido.

Lower body fat

Testosterone controls how fat is stored, by having low testosterone levels men store more fat in their hips and thighs.

The hormone also changes the functioning of fat cells.

High levels of testosterone can therefore prevent your body from storing fat to undesirable places such as your stomach area.

Better Mood

Having low levels of testosterone has been linked with depression.

Whereas men with higher testosterone levels are overall more confident and happy.

Increase in Strength

Testosterone has an anabolic effect on the body which results in a more muscular and stronger physique.

Broader shoulders

One of the effects of testosterone is a manlier physique.

It broadens the shoulders, expands the rib cage and makes us store less belly fat.

Resulting in a more manly body and stronger looking physique.

Disadvantages of High Testosterone

benefits of testosterone

Under normal circumstances we do not produce high enough testosterone to experience negative effects.

Even though the benefits of testosterone are great, having too high levels can leave us with negative effects.

Here’s the deal:

Negative effects or side effects effects do only occur if testosterone injections or steroids are used.

These disadvantages include:


High levels of testosterone can cause acne, this is a concern if you use steroids or testosterone injections.

Too much of testosterone can cause oily skin and acne breakouts.

Losing the ability to produce testosterone

To make things really clear this will not happen unless you inject yourself with steroids or testosterone.

If you use testosterone injections or pills you are at risk for losing the ability to produce testosterone.

Here’s the worst part:

If you are not able to produce testosterone on your own you become dependant on regular testosterone doses.

You could also lose your muscle mass, sex drive and gain fat.

Hair Loss

High testosterone levels can speed up hair loss.

This is only a concern if you were already going to lose your hair at some point in your life.

How To Increase Testosterone

benefits of testosterone

Increasing testosterone levels is definitely possible.

There are many ways you can increase your testosterone levels especially if you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone.

Here’s what you can do:

You can go through a testosterone replacement therapy where your doctor prescribes you either testosterone injections, gels or cream.

That way you will directly put testosterone in your body but will not enhance your natural ability to produce testosterone.

In other words it is a short term solution.

These treatments can also decrease your ability to produce testosterone or even shut it down completely.

Many men become dependent on these treatments without fixing their main problem which is low natural testosterone production.

Now there is an even better way to increase your testosterone levels.

It is to enhance your bodies ability to produce testosterone, so you will produce more testosterone on your own without risky and expensive treatments.


This is possible by using ingredients that amp up natural testosterone production.

It is a more long term and sustainable solution that comes without health risks or side effects.

One product one the market has gained our attention because it contains all the best natural testosterone boosting ingredients.

The Natural Testosterone Booster that turbocharges natural testosterone production

benefits of testosterone

Scale a new peak of testosterone by using Testogen.

This all natural testosterone booster contains scientifically proven ingredients designed to supercharge our testosterone production.

In a natural occurring process it helps the body to maximize it’s ability to produce testosterone.

Here’s the deal:

It will significantly increase testosterone, which is ideal for those who want to build muscle mass or increase their sex drive.

That way you can get the benefits of testosterone without experiencing side effects.

This supplement has gained popularity amongst bodybuilders and athletes that use it to build muscle mass and increase performance.

The best part is that it doesn’t come with any side effects or dangers.

You will also not lose your muscles or ability to produce testosterone when you stop using it.

That’s the main reason why many guys prefer Testogen instead of testosterone injections.benefits of testosterone

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