Best Way To Get Lean in 4 Weeks and See Consistent Results Every Week

At some point in our journey we want to become lean.

Every gym rat has a desire to get a six pack and vascular veins at least once in their lifetime.

When you have been bulking for a long time or you are simply too fat it is even harder to get lean.

You have to change the way you eat completely, change your workouts slightly and even add cardio sessions for faster results.

ways to get lean

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That’s why most guys in the gym are around 12-15% body fat.

That’s because it’s easy to stay in that range, you can easily maintain 15% body fat while eating pizza and drinking beer from time to time.

To truly get vascular veins, six pack abs, 8% body fat and a shredded chest you have to sacrifice a few things.

In this article we will discuss the steps required to achieve such a physique.

A physique that stands out from the crowd,  a body that girls want to take pictures with to make their ex boyfriend jealous.

In my opinion a 170lb bodybuilder with 8% body fat looks way more impressive than a 220 lbs bodybuilder with 15% fat.

Best Way To Get Lean – 5 Steps

best ways to get lean

Set a Goal

Goals are very important because when you set goals your path becomes guided.

Without goals you are simply wishing for results and you don’t have a clear vision on what you are aiming for.

You must set a goal you can measure and has a time limit.

An example of this would be:

In 3 months I will be 8% fat, 180 pounds and maintain my current strength.

If you do not achieve your goal, simply extend the time frame.

Give it a couple more weeks.

Decide To Never Give UP

Most guys fail when getting lean because they give up.

The journey was harder than they expected and they didn’t see results immediately.

At that point it’s easier to give up.

However if you decide to never give up once you’ve reached your goal nothing can stop you.

You will have more control and power of your result.

Find the right plan of attack

best ways to get lean

When you are trying to get lean you cannot follow the same meal plan as someone who is bulking.

Even though that particular meal plan might be very effective for building mass it’s not the plan for you.

You must find a training program and diet that fits your goal.

If your goal is to get to 8% body fat you must eat and train the right way to achieve those particular results.

It’s like a formula.

You have to follow it with consistency and drive in order to see optimal results.

Give it time

Patience is key when cutting.

Don’t get discouraged because you don’t see results after 1-2 weeks.

Getting lean is a marathon not a sprint.

It will probably take you longer than you expect to lose those stubborn pounds of stomach fat.

Just give it your all and never quit.

Results are usually noticed after 1 month of hard work.

Supercharge your results

best ways to get lean

Maximize your fat burning potential by putting in that extra effort.

You could do extra HIIT sessions after lifting.

You can also use supplements that increase your metabolism and help you burn off more fat.

One of the most effective fat loss supplement on the market today is called Clenbutrol.

It is a safe and legal alternative for the banned weight loss drug Clenbuterol.

It comes with no side effects and is highly effective.

You can try to include that supplement in your diet for even faster results.

Author: James / Founder of BroScience

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