Bodybuilders To Look Out For In The Future

2016 doesn't matter anymore....



The majority of us will be familiar with the big names in bodybuilding at present, the Phil Heaths, Kai Greenes, Dexter Jacksons and so on… as well as the big names of past, such as Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane for example… But what about the up and comers?

We’re in an era totally dominated by the gift that is Phil Heath, with big names such as Jay Cutler making super big claims about Phil’s future, saying things like that they believe he will be the first Mr. Olympia to break into double figures of titles!! Colossal claims, right?

But there’s a lot of fresh young talent coming through the ranks, and some of them are SPECTACULAR!! They’re not stealing the headlines as yet, but they’re all turning a lot of heads in the bodybuilding world and we can guarantee that you’ll be hearing their names a lot more in the next 5 years! Maybe one of them will even know the gifted Phil Heath off the throne!!

Check out the video below to see the top 5 up and comers to keep your eye on!!

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James Caird
James Caird
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