Crossfit Goes Terribly Wrong – OUCHHHH!! **WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT**

2016 doesn't matter anymore....



Crossfit fails… there’s nothing new there, but this crossfit fail takes things to a whole new level!!! Like DAYYYUM!!! OUCH!!! Putting some serious weight up above your head is always a risky moment, but swinging it up like they do in corssfit takes some serious skill and perfect execution to pull off! Otherwise it’s a one way ticket  to snap city!! …As this poor guy found out the hard way!

First, before we show you the video, lets point out a couple of things…

Before the lift…

After the lift took a harsh left turn straight to snap city…

Be warned, this is NOT a pretty video to watch!! Prepare to squeem and cringe at the sight of this horrifit corssfit fail! Corssfit – Not even one! Nope! No thank you!!

Watch the video at your own risk…


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James Caird
James Caird
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