Daaaayum!! Cass Martin, A Pretty Face With Bigger Guns Than Most Men!

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Meet Cass Martin… Now, we know she wont be everyone’s cup of tea; some guys have some serious insecurities with strong women, but for those who don’t… daaaaaaayum have you seen her!!!!!!


Yes, she’s obviously packing a hell of a lot more muscle than most women, but she carries it in a way that retains her femininity. And lets be honest, regardless if you find her intimidating or not, you can not deny that she is hella pretty!!


Cass is sponsored by RedCom and has a following over half a million on Instagram! If you aren’t following her already then you should be! here’s a few of our favourites from her insta:


A post shared by @casssmartin on


A post shared by @casssmartin on


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James Caird
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