The Most Muscular DJ Of All Times With a New Bodybuilding Track

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Egill ‘Gillz’ Einarsson is a television celebrity, actor, best-selling author and a fitness coach from Iceland. He gained popularity with his alter-ego, a metrosexual man that’s obsessed with bodybuilding which often pisses feminists in Iceland off.

His self-help lifestyle books have been sold in thousands of copies and he even has his own movie called Lífsleikni Gillz. The movie broke the record for the most watched film in Iceland in its first weekend in cinemas.

He just came up with a new creation to gain even more popularity amongst the younger generation. This creation is Dj MuscleBoy with the song Louder. He describes the song with two words: Bodybuilding and summer.

Turn your speakers up bro.

Author: James / Founder of BroScience

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