The EPIC Post Show Cheat Meal At The 2004 Olympia – Dexter Jackson Looks Like A Kid In A Candy Shop!

2016 doesn't matter anymore....



Have you ever been a few weeks into a diet and everything you used to eat when you weren’t dieting all of a sudden just becomes sooooo much more tempting?! That pizza, that chocolate, that fried chicken… oh my word, it just sounds like heaven to you?

Well now imagine being a bodybuilder, you’ve been dieting and tracking your food down to the gram for months, you’re absolutely shredded to the bone! At this point, your brain’s functions can start to change, your body starts to see food not as a craving, but a necessity (survival reactions of the brain because you’ve essentially starved yourself to get shredded)! The parts of the brain that usual reward you for sexual activity (reproduction in the wild) change, and start to reward you for food based accomplishments like eating high calorie foods!

So imagine being in the best shape of your life, you’ve finally finished your competition, won a few $$$ and now you’re not just craving high calorie foods, but something deep in your mind is urging you to eat it! You step off that stage… and there’s a buffet of PIZZA!!! That is probably as close to heaven that these guys will get on this earth! haha… The video tells it all!

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James Caird
James Caird
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