How Your Favourite Bodybuilders Spent Christmas

2016 doesn't matter anymore....



The big day…

What did you do Christmas day? Roll out of bed, head down stairs, open your presents, stuff your face and chill with your family? Well, when you’re a top level athlete, especially in bodybuilding, you living the sport 24/7, 365 days a year… Every calorie that passes your lips, every unit of alcohol that makes it in your blood stream, it all gets counted by your physique…

So ever wonder how the elite bodybuilders spent Christmas day?? Check it out below…

Phil Heath

Dexter Jackson

Yep that's my son @djaxcity55 Lil Dex ain't lil no more. 😬😳😂

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Rich Piana

Juan Morel

Merry Christmas from us to everyone

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Flex Lewis

Santa stopped here…. #MerryChristmas #HaveAGreatChristmas #Santa

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Merry Christmas everybody. I wish all of you a holiday season so fantastic it pumps you up for 2017.

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Roelly Winklaar

Yep that's my son @djaxcity55 Lil Dex ain't lil no more. 😬😳😂

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James Caird
James Caird
UK 🌍 Natural Bodybuilder 💪 BNBF North East Overall Champion 🏆 BNBF North East Best Wheels 🏆 BNBF North East Junior Champion 🏆 Snap-chat & Instagram: @JamesCaird11 👻

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