This Guy Lost 300 lbs Because Friend Texted Him “You’re F#*king Fat” Every Day

2016 doesn't matter anymore....



There is a saying ‘Never trust a skinny chef’. If that is anything to go by, this guy must be one of the best. Or used to be anyway!.

Jamie Brooks is a 31-year-old chef who started working in a kitchen aged 14, which is when he started to pile the pounds on. At his heaviest, he weighed in at a whopping 504 lbs.

He wanted to change though, and amazingly managed to drop over half his weight.
I’m not writing this in any sort of fat-shaming way, or because I’m on the books with slim fast or anything. It’s the tough love from his mate that I like.


Jamies’s mate Neil text him every day for six weeks, calling him a “fat f*ck”. Another booster was “You’ll be dead by the time you’re 40″.

Jamie says:

It took the full six weeks to motivate me to do something but I’m so glad I did. Neil has saved my life, I can’t thank him enough.

He didn’t take offence to the jibes, he took them as the motivation they were intended as, and set about losing weight. And after losing it, his life has improved dramatically, because he’s finally found love.

I never made plans for the future as I always thought I would be dead at a young age, but now I’m healthy and have an amazing girlfriend – I’m a new man.

Good on him!

[Credit: Unilad]

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