Gynectrol Review: The Supplement To Get Rid Of Man Boobs Naturally

Gynectrol ReviewMAN BOOBS DESTROYER….. Gynectrol has been getting a lot of attention lately for it’s powerful effects to burn fat and get rid of man boobs fast & safely. When making this Gynectrol review we found out that this gyno destroying supplement is able to help guys like you and me to:

  • Safely Get Rid of Man Boobs – By destroying fat cells around your chest and arms and burning fat overall your body
  • Save Thousands of Dollars – By using a supplement instead having to do super expensive surgery
  • Burn Fat Faster – Gynectrol is mostly a super effective fat burner that also destroys fat cells around your chest

That all sounds really good, right?

Trying to get rid of a gyno is a hard process, believe me (I’ve been there). Going through endless of miserable diets and working out every single day for hours. After months of failed attempts you still have man boobs, gyno, moobs, bitch tits or whatever you call them. You are not alone, study suggests that 5 out of 10 men are not satisfied with their chest appearance.

It makes me really sad that so many guys are not happy with their chest.

So naturally this Gynectrol review will sound really good.

But does it really work or is it just gimmick and fancy marketing? I’ve been told that you can’t spot reduce fat, so how does Gynectrol really work? Is it just a scam that’s trying to take people’s money who are not feeling good about themselves?

That’s what we’ll find out in this complete Gynectrol review.

Quick Summary of This Gynectrol Review

Gynectrol ReviewThis is only a Gynectrol review, not the actual website. Click here to visit the official website

Alright, so you are probably looking for a quick Gynectrol review. So here is a little rundown for this product.

If you never heard of this supplement before please scroll down to get all the important facts about it. We’ve got something interesting too say that might shock some of you.

Rating : 4.7 out of 5. It’s a premium priced product.

Positives: Helps men shred fat faster and destroys fat cells around your chest section.

Cons: It’s a premium priced product only available from their website.

Website: There are some fake websites out there claiming to sell the real product.  Here is the only official website.

Our recommendation: If you have a gyno and want to safely remove it this might be a supplement for you.

Please note that it works better if you are following some kind of an exercise program and are keeping a relatively clean diet. So you have to still put in the work. It’s not a magic pill.

It contains powerful ingredients that naturally reduce male chest fat and overall fat percentage of their body in a matter of weeks. It’s backed up by thousands of happy customers who have been successfully able to reduce their manboobs and their overall body fat percentage with the use of this supplement.

Right now they are offering free shipping for every order and a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal! You can claim this deal by clicking right here.

Full Gynectrol review:Gynectrol Review

Having a gyno or man boobs completely destroys your physique. You may have the most perfect rippling six pack abs with muscles that turn heads. But when you take your shirt off, the only thing people notice is your man boobs.

Having people pointing fingers at you while silently laughing at your man boobs is something you would not wish on your worst enemy.

I know how you feel, I’ve been there to. A couple years back I experienced this and I’ve probably never felt as bad in my life.

I used to wear baggy t-shirts everywhere I went because I was afraid people would see my gyno and moobs through my t-shirt. When I went on a vacation a couple years back, I went swimming in my t-shirt while lying to my friends that I needed to wear a t-shirt at all times because I was sunburnt. When in fact it was just because I was so ashamed of my man boobs.

This is so unfair that so many of us are experiencing this sadness. Especially since it’s not our fault! We didn’t do anything wrong really, we just weren’t blessed with the same genetics like those fitness models.

You might want to try to get rid if your man boobs without any supplements but there are a few problems with that

  • Even though you lose a ton of fat you still have man boobs.
  • You might train your chest and it grows, but the gyno just looks bigger because the muscles underneath the fat are bigger.
  • You may want to go into surgery to remove your man-boobs but it costs more than $12,000 which you may not afford.

We were not all blessed with superior chest genetics.

Not every single one of us were blessed with some god-like genetics. Some guys can eat pizza and chocolate whenever they want without gaining any fat or getting man-boobs.

While you and I almost as much as smell a pizza and our man boobs instantly get bigger. It’s unfair.


Luckily the game has changed and evolved fast! In the old days people would either have to just live with this embarrassing man boobs, go on extreme diets or spend tens of thousands on surgeries that are not guaranteed to work.

But now the supplement industry has evolved fast and a few premium companies now have their hands on safe and effective natural ingredients that are able to shred fat away so fast and while doing that destroying fat cells around your chest section.

The best on out there at the moment is a natural safe supplement called Gynectrol.

Gynectrol has one job, it does it well and that is removing man boobs.

It contains well researched and very scientific ingredients to reduce male breast size.

So the question is….. Is Gynectrol the “missing link” you’ve been searching for? Is it what you’ve just needed to add to your boring diets and hard chest workouts so that you could finally get the results you know you deserve?

Perhaps. Keep reading this Gynectrol review to learn more about it to find out if it might be what you’ve been looking for.

Who Is Gynectrol for?

We’re not going to lie. Gynectrol is not for everyone, it is only for guys serious about losing their man boobs for good and are willing to work for it.

This product may be for you if:

You’re looking to reduce fat tissue in your breasts and lose your gyno.

You’re looking for a safe way to naturally get rid of your man boobs within a few weeks.

You want to burn fat around your whole body while destroying fat cells around your chest section (chest, shoulders and upper abs)

You’re willing to keep an exercise regime and keeping your diet relatively clean while using this product.

You know that magic pills don’t exist, this is not some kind of pill that you take one time and your gyno disappears the day after. It takes a few weeks for the product to fully work and it works the best if you are exercising and keeping your diet good.

If you are someone willing to put a little effort in the gym and diet while using this product you will get so much better results.

Who Is this NOT For?

First of all:

It takes a couple of weeks to truly experience the benefits of this product, so it’s not for people that think they can just take this supplement for 1 day and expect their man-boobs to be gone as soon as they wake up.

This is not some “magic miracle pill” where you just take a few and you get shredded and lose your man-boobs instantly. Nope. (And to be honest with you, there’s no such thing as a miracle pill.)


It’s not for someone who is going to be eating pizza and candy all day. Remember this is a supplement to reduce fat on your overall body and especially around your chest section, so it will be counterproductive to your success if you do not follow an exercise program and keep your diet while using this product.

You have to put in the work in the gym and in the kitchen in addition to taking Gynectrol.

Okay understood, so how does it work?


I’m glad you asked.

When doing this Gynectrol review we found out that the hype is actually being backed up by clinically proven methods. Methods that have been used to help guys just like me and you lose their gyno forever.

Gynectrol contains both well researched ingredients and safe ingredients that when combined they reduce the fat tissue in your breasts. It puts your body into “fat burning mode” where you will be burning off chest fat around the clock.

Gynectrol helps reduce the size and quantity of fatty cells in your mammary glands (man boobs).

In other words, it reduces the fat in your boobs.

It is a unique and powerful formula that has been researched quite a bit.

It delivers results within a few weeks and you can say goodbye to your man boobs forever.

By using this supplement and keeping a good diet and training regime you will safely and quickly get rid of your man boobs.

But, you can’t spot reduce fat? So how can this work?

You are 100% right.

It is not possible to spot reduce fat.

However, with the combination of the correct ingredients in the correct dosages, you can create such an effect in your body. You can activate the fat loss machine inside your body that starts to burn fat fast and around the clock.

With a few ingredients you can also send a message to your body that it should target and destroy certain fat cells. Such as your chest section. This means that they can help your body lose water weight and destroy fat cells (not just burn them) around your chest, shoulders and upper abs.

But James, How EXACTLY?

Here’s how:

Lowers Cortisol levels

Probable the most important factor because high cortisol levels triggers high insulin levels and high blood sugar, which will result in more chest fat in men. That’s where men tend to gain fat if their cortisol levels are too high.

So by lowering Cortisol levels your testosterone levels will get higher as a result, testosterone is the male hormone extremely important for muscle growth and for keeping your body from storing fat.

This reverses the effects that Cortisol has had on you as a man and restores your chest and body in the shape it should be in,

High cortisol levels = Your body produces chest fat

So the solution: Lower your cortisol levels = Your body turns to its normal state

Increases your fat burning potential

Gynectrol switches on the fat loss machine inside your body with ingredients that supercharge your metabolism. As a result you will burn more calories around the clock.

When you’re burning through more calories throughout the day your body will be forced to get rid of excess body fat, including fat in your breasts.

Your metabolism is extremely important as it is the thing responsible for burning off fat from your body. So by supercharging your metabolism with Gynectrol you’ll finally start to see the results in the mirror that you know you deserve.

Thermogenic effect in the body

This is where it gets really interesting. One of the few reasons why you have man boobs is because your body has been using your muscles instead of fat as an energy source. That means that no matter how much you’ve benched and trained chest your body just eats up all the muscles instead of your fat.

A few ingredients in the product promote lipolysis in the body which sends your body the message to use fat instead of muscle as an energy source. This effect is extremely important for reducing fat in all over your body and especially in your chest area.

As soon as your body knows that it’s supposed to use fat but not muscle as a energy source, your gruelling workouts will start to pay off faster.

Further information:

The company behind Gynectrol has created a simple page where you can learn about how the product works and how you can get rid of your man boobs.

You can access that page by clicking here.

Ingredients and What They Mean For YouGynectrol Review

Of course one of the most important parts of this Gynectrol review is the ingredients section.

So, let’s dive deep down and see what’s actually in it and what that means for you.


chromium gynectrol reviewA popular fat burning ingredient mainly used for its insulin function abilities. By being able to control the insulin levels in your body you’re able to burn more fat and build more muscle.

That results in your fat around your chest being used for producing energy for your body and helps the muscles themselves get bigger. Together this will make the illusion that your man-boobs have disappeared.


caffeine gynectrol reviewSounds basic, but when paired up with the right fat burning ingredients, it creates a fat burning effect unlike you’ve ever experienced before.

We all know the basic effects of caffeine like it’s ability to increase mental alertness, but did you know that it can also give your body the metabolic boost that it needs in order to burn off the most stubborn fat in your body?

For you that may be the fat around your chest!


gynectrol reviewA powerful fat burner that increases your metabolism and has a direct reducing effects on your fat tissue. It’s also a thyroid stimulator which helps cure diseases such as obesity.

It has antioxidant, anti inflammatory and hypolipidemic activities on the body. It has abilities to lower the fat in the body and is mostly used as a powerful fat burner.

This results in your overall body-fat percentage to drop fast.

Thebromine Cacao

thebromineContains the most important amino acid responsible for muscle growth: Arginine.  It also contains magnesium which is important for the cardiovascular system and the natural testosterone levels in your body.

Most men get fat around their chest because they have not too much of the man hormone in their body: Testosterone. Thebromine fixes that with magnesium and also gives your muscles the much needed boost they need with Arginine.

This in return helps put your chest fat back to it’s normal male size and helps you build muscle while you’re at it.

Sclareolides <- Important

gynectrol reviewLowers cortisol levels which has positive effects on testosterone production. Cortisol and testosterone are opposites, with lower cortisol levels you are able to get your testosterone higher and restore your body in the manly state that it is supposed to be in.

High cortisol is the thing that creates fat around your chest as a man. It lowers your testosterone and makes you “more of a woman” and in return starts placing the stored fat around you chest.

So the good news are: By lowering Cortisol with Sclareolides you reverse the effects of cortisol and you restore your body in the state it is supposed to be in as a man.

This removes the fat that has been placed around your chest and your moobs will slowly disappear.

Green Tea Extract 

gynectrol reviewThe god father of all fat burning ingredients. Green Tea extract has a thermogenic effect on the body unlike any other ingredients. It helps your body switch on the fat loss machine inside of you.

It also helps your body get rid of unnecessary water weight.

Why is getting rid of unnecessary water weight crucial? Well, believe it or not sometimes it’s just stored water around your chest but not fat. So by getting rid of it you might see super fast results.

Which is why it is such a crucial part of Gynectrol.

Ingredients breakdown:

I must say when doing this Gynectrol review that they made a great job in formulating the product. It contains some pretty interesting ingredients that are well researched and backed up with countless of scientific studies.

It’s definitely a powerful formula for losing fat and as this formula in particular specifically designed to reduce fat on man boobs and create the illusion that your chest looks alpha.

So the ingredients are obviously a little different than in a conventional fat burner, which is good sign. It’s because the difference between this product and other fat burners on the market is that Gynectrol was formulated with the goal of losing fat around your chest section as the main goal and overall in your body as a side benefit.

Learn more: Access their only official website.

But are there any side effects?

Let me be clear on one thing, this product is formulated with legal and safe ingredients.

You should not experience any side effects from using the product.

So to answer your question.

No there are no side effects from using Gynectrol.

You won’t damage your liver or your health.

Gynectrol uses 100% pharmaceutical quality ingredients, manufactured in a cGMP certified and FDA inspected facility.

Pros and Cons

This wouldn’t be a dependable Gynectrol review without a pros and cons list am I right? Like with all products out there advancements can always be made. I’ve never seen a product that was perfect in all aspects.

So without further wait here is the pros cons list for Gynectrol.


  • All natural formula
  • Reduces male breast size and gets rid of gyno
  • Scientific backings for all ingredients
  • Increases fat burning potential
  • Helps decrease cortisol and boost testosterone levels
  • No side-effects
  • 60 day money-back guarantee


  • It’s a premium priced product
  • You have to take 2 capsules daily which can be hard to remember to do
  • Can’t be bought from supplement retailers,  it’s only available from their website


Has this product helped other guys like yourself get rid of fat around their chest?

Yes, it’s backed up by thousands of happy customers who have been successfully able to reduce fat around their chest.

Here are a couple of examples that we pulled of their official website.

Andrew C:Gynectrol Review

I got a gyno when I gained some weight a couple of years back. Even though I lost the weight I still had a nasty gyno. I decided to gave Gynectrol a shot to remove my gyno and after a few weeks my man boobs started getting smaller. Eventually the gyno was completely gone and the results from my photo speak for themselves.

“Big” ChrisGynectrol Review

I got man boobs even though I’ve been in good shape my entire life, I’m a big guy with a lot of muscles and it completely ruined my physique. I was actually going to spend thousands of dollars on a surgery to get my gyno removed.  But I decided to give Gynectrol a try before spending thousands of dollars on surgery . After using Gynectrol consistently for a few weeks my man boobs were completely gone and I didn’t even have to through surgery.

You can read more about it and see other testimonials here.

Pricing and shipping

So let’s talk about the thing you’ve probably been waiting for.

This is an effective supplement and to be honest with you it’s a “one of a kind formula” on the market.

So obviously it’s not going to be cheap like most of plain fat burners you see on Amazon or GNC.

On the other hand they offer a great package deal, you will not only save money but also get better results in getting rid of your gyno.


1 bottle: $61.99 per month (Savings $20.01)

Buy 2, Get 1 Free: $41.32 per month (Savings $122.02)

Buy 4, Get 2 Free: $41.32 per month (Savings $244.04)

$61.99 for a month supply for this kinda product is pretty good to be honest. Not to mention that the only alternative is a super expensive surgery that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

But you get a pretty decent discount when you go for their Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo deal.

Although it would have been nice to see more savings per bottle if you’d buy 4. But honestly, on second thought, $41.32 for a month supply for this kind of product is excellent, it would be strange if they were able to lower the price any more than that.


I’ve bet you have made a decision to buy something on the internet before you found out that the shipping was ridiculously expensive.

So I was very happy when I found out that for a limited amount of time Gynectrol provides fast worldwide shipping for FREE! 

Where To Buy

Crazy Bulk with their product Gynectrol have cut out all the retailers and passed on the savings to you. As you know retailers need profit, so by cutting them off you will save money.

Gynectrol is only available through their official website. Here’s is —-> their official website.

If someone else claims to be selling it, don’t buy it. It’s most likely a counterfeit. Gynectrol is a very popular product so naturally some sneaky people are going to try to sell a fake formula and claim it’s the real thing.

Be aware of that.

We’ve reached out the company personally and they have informed us that you can ONLY buy Gynectrol from their official website and they do not plan on bringing any retailers into the mix.

You can access their only official website here.

Other things you can do to get rid of man boobs

Gynectrol obviously isn’t the only solution out there. There are a handful of other solutions you can do.

We spent more than two weeks to learn about all these different solutions so that you can choose for yourself what will work for you.

Other supplements:

There are a few supplement companies that claim they have the “right formula” for spot reducing chest fat.

After we had worked our way through hundreds of different supplements, inspecting their ingredients and doing a background check on the overall reputation of the companies.

It came down to the fact that most of them, yeah sure had effective ingredients. But most of them were using some sketchy marketing tricks and tried to get you on some auto-billing program that is hard to get out of!

We hate those kind of companies so we’d never even mention their name. Companies that do that their customers are what’s wrong with this industry.

My recommendation:

I always recommend that people stay away from companies that try to sneak up on you with auto-billing programs. Which is why I’d choose Gynectrol over all the other man boobs destroying supplements out there.

Gynecomastia Surgery

If you have the money you might want to consider doing man boobs surgery. It has helped many guys get rid of their man boobs.

However unless you have access to tens of thousands of dollars right now that you can spend without any guarantees, it’s probably going to be hard for you to do.

My recommendation:

To be honest when I had man boobs I did consider doing surgery. I was about to start saving for it.

But I decied to give Gynectrol a try before I did that. Because well, it’s only $62 instead of THOUSANDS.

Luckily did it achieve the effects I was looking for and I was able to spend the rest of the money on a new car!

So my recommendation is to give Gynectrol a go before going into surgery

Diet and exercise

This is and always will be effective at getting rid of all kinds of fat.

You should never stop eating correctly and training hard if your goal is to get rid of fat and especially chest fat. Also make sure you’re doing squats and deadlifts every week as they’re the most effective at burning fat out of all the exercises you can do in the gym.

My recommendation:

Keep a super clean diet and do a hardcore training program with squats, deadlifts and loads bench press as the main parts of the program IN ADDITION to your Gynectrol supplementation.

When you combine Gynectrol with your already clean diet and hardcore workouts you create such an enormous effects on your body that you’ve almost guaranteed your success in getting rid of your man-boobs.

Overall Gynectrol Conclusion

Gynectrol is a great supplement for getting rid of gyno and reducing male breast size. With the endless of positive testimonials out there and researches to back it up it is obvious how powerful this product really is.

Countless of studies show that it is able to increase your overall fat burning potential, lower cortisol levels, increase testosterone and have a supercharging thermogenic fat burning effect on the body.

Gynectrol is able to do that with high quality ingredients such as:

  • Thebromine
  • Sclareolides
  • Chromium

If you want to safely and effectively get rid of your man boobs, Gynectrol might just be the “missing link” you are have been looking for. It might be piece that has been missing in your diet and workout program puzzle.

Learn more: By visiting their official website here.

FAQ – Gynectrol Review

After this Gynectrol review you might still have some questions unanswered. In this frequently asked question section we hope to answer all your further questions(If you have any). If not then you can always contact us via our Facebook page or email and we will do our best in replying you asap.

Q: How quickly will I lose my gyno when using Gynectrol?

A: There are no miracle pills out there.  Losing a gyno can take some time. You can expect to see some results in just a couple of weeks. Reviewers have reported that after a 4 week use they saw a dramatic decrease in their man boobs size. Even some say they fully got rid of their gyno in about 2-3 months.

Q: But you can’t spot reduce fat, so how does this work?

A: You are right. You can’t spot reduce fat. However, with the combination of the correct ingredients in the correct dosages, you can create such an effect in your body.

For example by lowering your Cortisol levels. That is probably the most important factors of Gynectrol. Remember that high Cortisol levels adds fat around your chest as you are a man. But by lowering you restore your body in the state that it is supposed to be in as a man.

Q: Does it come with side-effects?

A: I can’t stress this enough. This is a natural supplement formulated with safe ingredients. There should be no side effects by using this supplement.

Q: Is their customer support good?

A: Isn’t it frustrating how some companies have just begun ignoring their customers in recent years?

Well, good news. The company behind Gynectrol values their customers very much, they believe in EXCELLENT customer support. You can always ask them questions on their online chat at their official website and they answer your questions right away.

Q: How do I take it?

A: Take two(2) tablets daily for a minimum three months to see maximum results.

Q: Where can I buy Gynectrol?

A: Gynectrol can only bought from their official website.

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