Head Nearly EXPLODES During Heavy Deadlift! (**WARNING – GUSHING BLOOD**)

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The formula for gains: Blood, Sweat & Years…

Deadlifts… Not only the most alpha movement in the world, but also the most satisfying thing you can do without taking your clothes off. But DAMN, anyone who’s really pushed their limits and shifted some serious weight knows how hard they can be!

IT puts your mind, body, central nervous system… all under extreme pressure! It’s not uncommon to see someone left dazed, vomit, or even pass out after pushing themselves to the limit on a deadlift! But this guy took it to a whole other level… His head looked like it wanted to explode and blood started pouring from his nose! But did he let that stop him? HELL NO! And why? Because ALPHA. That’s why!

Check out the video below!

Author: James / Founder of BroScience

I started this site back in 2014 because I was tired of the fitness industry telling guys like me lies.

Getting ripped doesn't have to be so hard... I'm here to give you the truth! The no bullsh*t advice.

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James Caird
James Caird
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