The huge mistake that people make when trying to lose weight

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It is very easy to make simple mistakes when trying to lose weight and fat.

People try to go overboard and cut out any food that is even a tiny bit bad for you and keep calories deathly low.

If you are sticking to a dedicated exercise plan, you need to ensure that you are getting enough fuel into your body to fuel these workouts.

The last thing you want to do is under eat.


Lead dietician at the Dallas Eating Recovery Centre, Kathryn Johnson, explains how detrimental under-eating can be:

“Under-eating ultimately leads to more weight gain and another extreme diet,” she says.

This is because of your metabolism. When you try to lose too much weight at once, your metabolism shuts down and starts to store fat, rather than shed it.

Bodybuilder eating a bowl of salad

Instead, you want your metabolism to be on fire and burning through calories.

When people see their weight loss stall, they normally try to cut calories even more, but this leads to the metabolism slowing and further slowdown in weight loss ensues.

When you restrict calories too much you will be less likely to stick to it and will end up binging, ruining your results in the process.

What you need to do is simply eat a couple of hundred calories less than your maintenance. There are many free calculators out there with which you can calculate your maintenance calories.

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