INSPIRATION! – Down Syndrome Man Competes In His First Bodybuilding show

2016 doesn't matter anymore....



Meet Colin Clarke… He’s 22 years old and a true inspiration! He’s got Down syndrome, but he didn’t let this get in the way of his dreams of competing in a bodybuilding competition, and took to the stage earlier this year!

Not only did he overcome the intense training and extremely difficult dieting that every bodybuilding competition has to go through, but he also had to overcome his condition, and all the preconceptions that surround it! I mean, like really, who would think a person with Down syndrome could be a bodybuilder?? EXACTLY.

Bodybuilding is very much a personal journey, and Collin has achieved a tremendous feat, but he’s adamant that this is just the start and the there is a lot more to come from him! so Keep your eyes pealed!

The story of a true inspiration…

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James Caird
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