Rich Piana Is Getting Divorced With Sara After A 1 Year Marriage

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You probably remember the unique wedding Rich Piana had about 1 year ago. The wedding was nothing like the conventional wedding and it seemed like Rich and Sara were the perfect couple for each other.

The romance didn’t last and Rich Piana just announced on his Instagram page that they are breaking up and getting divorced.

Hopefully it ended on good terms and we here at BroScience wish them both all the best.

Here is Rich Piana’s statement as well as video from the wedding 1 year ago:

I believe the time has come to announce that @sara.piana and I are no longer together. It was a crazy wonderful #livinthedream more than anyone could imagine year together!! A fairytale life but we do have our differences as all couples do and we both decided together that this was the best scenario! We are still friends and both agree this is the best choice for us. I felt it necessary to announce this on social media because we were together 24/7 so as soon as anyone sees us not together the first question is "where's Sara" about 20 people asked me that very question today at the gym and when I say we are no longer together it's a 20min conversation. Whatever happens in life you have to be strong and keep pushing forward and Sara is a very strong girl and we will both keep pushing forward and being the best we can be in every aspect of life! #nomorequeen #lifemustgoon #nothinglastsforever #nolovelikedoglove #keepmovingforward #livinthedream #forlife #5percentersmentality #deadred #bestsenario

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