Ronnie Coleman: The Diet Of A Champion In His Prime

2016 doesn't matter anymore....



The man… The legend… Ronnie Coleman is and always will be a true hall of famer in the bodybuilding world with a joint record holding 8 Mr. Olympia titles (But we think his 8 titles deserve the true #1 crown over Lee Haney’s… Not taking anything away from Lee, but didd you see the people Ronnie had to beat to win those titles?!?!).

Ronnie brought strength, size AND conditioning to the stage… Something that has left millions in awe! But a big machine needs a lot of fuel right? And the right kind of fuel too!! So what did Ronnie fuel his world beating body to get it to the extreme machine that it was?? Well you’re about to find out…

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James Caird
James Caird
UK 🌍 Natural Bodybuilder 💪 BNBF North East Overall Champion 🏆 BNBF North East Best Wheels 🏆 BNBF North East Junior Champion 🏆 Snap-chat & Instagram: @JamesCaird11 👻

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