Ronnie Coleman & Jay Cutler: Living The High Life

2016 doesn't matter anymore....




When you think of bodybuilding, what springs to mind? Maybe plain rice and chicken out of Tupperware? Cold early mornings getting up to do cardio? Slugging out gruelling sessions in the gym?? Well for the guys at the top of the sport there’s a whole other side to bodybuilding too, one of expensive cars, luxury homes and mega fame!

Two of the guys at the top of the bodybuilding world are the two retired Olympia legends Ronnie Coleman (8x Mr. Olympia titles) and Jay Cutler (4x Mr. Olympia titles). The video below takes you deep into their personal lives and shows just the lavish lives they now lead! And damn, who wouldn’t want to be them?!?!

Prepare for extreme envy!

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James Caird
James Caird
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