Sadik Hadzovic Looking Like An Absolute MONSTER In The Offseason

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Meet Sadik Hadzovic… If you don’t know who he is then where have you been!?!! He’s one of the most aesthetic bodybuilders around right now! He’s a IFBB New York Pro champion, IFBB Tampa Pro champion, IFBB Arnold Sports Festival champion, 2 times Mr. Olympia physique runner up and this year he made the jump the the brand new “Classic Physique” category where he came in a very respectable 3rd!

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The only issue with the jump to this new category this years was that it was just that, a NEW category… No one had ever competed in it before, and no one  really knew what the judges wanted in this category either. So essentially competitors had to do their best to bring to the stage what they thought the judges wanted to see… However, now, after one outing, the bar has been set and everyone knows what the score is! It’s time to set some goals, aim, and FIRE!

Thanks for the awesome artwork @slashsketch4 💪🏼

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And it’s damn fair to say that Sadik looks as hungry as ever!! He’s absolutely busting his ass and is no stranger to hard work! We’re really excited to see what he brings to the stage next year now he knows what the judges are after! It’s going to be CRAZY!!!


Check him out busting his ass in a training session, looking like an absolute ANIMAL!!!

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