Steve Cook: The Truth About Crossfit

2016 doesn't matter anymore....




Now, it gets a lot of bad press on facebook, instagram and youtube, with bodybuilders usually seeing it as a bit of a joke and just too dangerous if anything… It’s like apolar opposite to body building.

Bodybuilding: Size, Conditioning, Proportions, Aesthetic Appeal.

Crossfit: Strength, Functionality, Endurance, Athleticism.

But is corssfit all bad for bodybuilders? Well who better than the Mr Olympia competitor and one of the most successful people in the fitness industry, Steve Cook to delve into the topic! Now, we know he’s not an out and out mass monster bodybuilder, but a physique competitor, but he still comes under the umbrella of a bodybuilder!

“Bodybuilders can learn from Crossfit…
…Crossfitters can learn from bodybuilders”

Watch Steve really shed some logic on the topic of bodybuilding and crossfit below!

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James Caird
James Caird
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