Synthol Injection Caught On Camera

2016 doesn't matter anymore....



**Video Below**

Right, so we’ve all seen the horrendous Synthol articles all over the internet lately with people looking like mutants from The Hills Have Eyes to some guys bicep bursting because of it… It’s all over the media at the minute.

It’s pretty much taboo to even the most hardcore bodybuilder and fans alike. If you don’t know what Synthol is, it’s pretty much an primarily oil based solution that you inject directly into the muscle. It doesn’t actually help you grow any muscle, but actually just sits within the muscle, giving the muscle the appearance of being bigger.

Some bodybuilders use it to help bring up some genetically weaker areas however, as mentioned above, many people have taken to full on abusing the substance to the point of potential life threatening consequences!

Synthol use is usually kept in the shadows, with most people not being willing to talk about it, but here’s a rare video of someone actually injecting the substance into their muscles!

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James Caird
James Caird
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