TestoGen Review: Does It Really Build Muscle Faster and Is It Worth Your Money?










        • Boosts natural testosterone levels
        • Increases Sex Drive
        • Helps with building muscle and strength
        • Scientific backing for every ingredient
        • Free shipping


        • Only available from their official website
        • You have to take 4 capsules per day
        • Premium priced product

        TestoGen Review

        Testogen is a triple action testosterone booster that contains natural ingredients. Testogen is designed to help guys all ages build muscle, increase strength, promote fat loss, sharpen focus and increase libido. In this testogen review you will learn exactly how this supplement works.

        That sounds really good right?

        Turns out Testogen is formulated with clinically proven ingredients that have been scientifically proven to raise natural testosterone levels.

        Here’s the deal:

        Testogen could be used to get a noticeable increase in natural testosterone production and get all of the benefits that go along with higher testosterone.

        What is good about TestoGen is that it does not come with any side effects and is very safe.


        In this Testogen review we will examine if this testosterone booster really works.

        You can only buy TestoGen from their official website

        Don’t get Testogen confused with Ronnie Colemans supplement Testogen XR. Even though they have similar names these are not the same supplements.

        What Is TestoGen?

        testogen review

        As we age our testosterone levels naturally decline. Testosterone is responsible for our muscle growth, strength, libido, energy and how much fat we store. That’s when testosterone boosters like testogen step in, they are designed to increase our natural testosterone production and prevent it from declining.

        The worst part is:

        That’s exactly the reason why older men have less muscle mass, lower sex drive and less energy than young men.

        Reports have shown that young man can also suffer from low testosterone.testogen review

        If you have low testosterone levels it’s not your fault.

        This is crazy:

        Without sufficient levels of testosterone we become:

        • weak
        • no sex drive
        • fatigued
        • and lose our muscle mass.

        So I think you can agree with me when I say that testosterone is extremely important.

        Here’s the deal:

        Testogen is one of the most popular testosterone booster on the market and it’s not because their logo looks cool.

        It’s because testogen contains only natural ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, Vitamin D-3, Fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris.

        Many of these ingredients have been shown to increase natural testosterone levels safely.


        There are hundreds of positive testimonials online were guys claim this supplement helped them increase their testosterone successfully.

        We will go in more depth how on how this supplement works later on in this testogen review.

        TestoGen Review

        Testogen Benefits

        The makers of this product claim it will help you to:

        • Increase strength & stamina
        • Promote fat loss
        • Increase energy levels
        • Help with building and maintaining muscle mas

        These are all signs of high testosterone levels.

        Want to know the best part?

        When making this testogen review we found out that Testogen has a lot of positive testimonials, it’s very safe,  the ingredients stack up and the companies reputation is good.

        That’s why we think Testogen is one of the top testosterone boosters on the market.

        Testogen is only available from their official website here

        testogen review

        Right now they’re offering a sick Buy 3 Get 2 FREE…. Yes, you read that right, 2 FREE BOTTLES….. But this limited deal is only available while supplies last.

        You can claim your package deal here.

        Does Testogen Really Work ?

        You are probably on this page right now because you want to find new ways to increase your testosterone levels.

        I think you will agree with me when I say:

        You are not producing as much testosterone as your body is capable off

        testogen review is it worth your money

        testogen summary

        You might even produce testosterone levels that are below average.

        Because of it you aren’t capable of building muscle mass to your fullest potential.

        Your energy levels and sex drive might also be suffering severely.

        Here’s the deal:

        Doesn’t matter if you have the best training program or the best nutrition.

        Without sufficient levels of testosterone you will not see results.

        Or at least not the results you were hoping for.

        That’s exactly what I went through a few years back.

        Of course it took me ages to find out that I had low testosterone levels.

        That’s the reason why I made this testogen review, to help you find out if this supplement will work for you.

        You might be experiencing the exact same thing as I did.

        Or you are just a guy with average testosterone levels and you want to supercharge them.

        There’s a simple solution that can fight this change.

        It’s called TestoGen and it is the perfect supplement to increase testosterone.

        Who is TestoGen for?

        TestoGen is NOT for everyone. It’s only for men that are serious about raising their natural testosterone levels and build muscle in the process.

        This product might be for you if:

        • You want to increase your muscle mass…
        • You want to get stronger muscles…
        • You’d like to have more energy…
        • You want to get better and faster results from your workout and diet program…
        • You’d like to be more confident about yourself…

        You know that there are no magic pills out there and you know that you can’t just pop a pill and instantly get jacked. If you know that you have to put in work in the gym and in the kitchen in addition to taking a natural test booster in order to achieve great results….

        Then TestoGen is definitely something that might be for you.

        TestoGen Review


        Who is TestoGen NOT for?

        First of all.

        If you’re 18 years old or younger, then you don’t need it. Your test levels are at it’s peak level.

        Enjoy it while it lasts brother ;)…

        Anyone over 20 can tell you how lucky you are, so don’t screw it up!!!

        If you’re under 18 it’s actually almost like you’re on steroids…

        Your levels are THAT high…

        That’s what we who are in our 20s, 30s, 40s are trying to get back…


        TestoGen is NOT some kind of a magic miracle pill that instantly turns you into a greek god as soon as you swallow it…

        And to be honest, there’s no such thing…

        My best advice to you is to stay away from companies that claim they have some magic solution.

        What’s the bottom line?

        TestoGen is a natural testosterone booster with scientifically proven ingredients that simply work…

        But that doesn’t mean you can just skip the gym and eat pizza every day.

        You have to do some work in addition to taking TestoGen.

        You can buy TestoGen on their offical website

        TestoGen Ingredients

        testogen review

        Testogen contains 8 effective ingredients that are effective to raise natural testosterone levels.

        The best part?

        Everything is backed up with scientific studies and every ingredient comes in generous dosages.

        It’s a product that’s truly worth your money.

        TestoGen is a super impressive 8-Ingredient formula

        Testogen Ingredients – How They Work:

        • D-Aspartic Acid

        It’s an essential amino acid that releases a hormone called luteinizig. This hormone stimulates the production of free testosterone…  It also releases growth hormone – a key muscle builder.

        • Tribulus Terrestris full testogen reviews

        TestoGen contains a whopping 300 mg of this good stuff! And it’s not even their main ingredient.

        • Panax Ginseng

        A Chinese herb that improves physical strength, stamina, endurance, energy levels and concentration… Oh and it also boosts nitric oxide, stimulates libido and gives you stronger erections.

        • Fenugreek

         Has a strong anti-estrogen effect on men. By fighting estrogen you’ll also get your strength, muscle, sex drive and energy back!!!

        • Zinc

         Found to be very effective at creating more testosterone and promoting LEAN muscle growth. . Not only does it help your body produce more testosterone but it also keeps your masculine body healthy. Including keeping your sperm healthy.

        • Vitamin B6

         Is actually an amino acid that increase the rate of testosterone synthesis in your body. Not onlythat but it also fights estrogen and tells your body not to use testosterone in order to produce estrogen.

        • Vitamin D3

        Vitamin D-3 is not some kind of a health supplement for old fat ladies. Study shows that it can increase testosterone levels in men!

        “Results suggest that vitamin D supplementation might increase testosterone levels” –  Study

        • Selenium

         Boosts antioxidants that are critical for getting rid of unhealthy toxins that are absolutely killing your test levels.

        You can learn more about each individual ingredient on their How It Works page.

        How Does Testogen Work?

        how does testogen work

        It uses a combination of effective ingredients to safely support and encourage your body to produce more testosterone.

        Here’s how

        1.  Aiding Testosterone Production –  .Your diet, no matter how great it is, doesn’t include all the nutrients your body needs in order to do this by itself. TestoGen fills in for those missing nutrients and ensures that your body has what it needs in order to produce the most natural testosterone possible.
        2.  Increasing Free Testosterone – Roughly 60% of your testosterone is actually bound up to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). When bound it can not be used. TestoGen decreases the production of Globulin to free up more testosterone so that you can unlock those remaining 40%!!!
        3. . Decreases Estrogen – An enzyme called aromatase is responsible for creating estrogen in your body. It does everything in it’s power to create estrogen, it even kills Testosterone in order to create estrogen if it has to. TestoGen has the power to tell aromatase to NOT use testosterone as a source to create estrogen.

        TestoGen Results – How Do Users Review Testogen?

        We found some testogen reviews online were users what results they got from using TestoGen.

        Simeon C –  Results Using Testogen. 

        “I bought TestoGen because I wanted to build muscle mass faster. After only a few days of using this product I noticed my sexual drive was insane. However it took about 2-3 weeks for the muscle building results to kick in. After about 3 weeks use of the product I definitely saw I had gained some muscle mass and strength. I was training very hard and I also noticed my energy levels were higher and that I recovered faster from workouts. After a 3 months of use I had put on about 10 lbs of lean muscle mass while losing a little fat. Would definitely recommend this for someone who wants to build muscle.”

        Carl G – Results using Testogen

        I’ve always be fat no matter how hard I train or diet. I think I naturally have low testosterone levels. That’s the reason I gave testogen a shot. After using this product I finally saw some fat loss results. When I used it I did a lot of cardio as well as strength training. Even though my main goal was to lose fat I still gained some muscle when using it. After a 3 months of using testogen I have lost a ton of fat and almost see my six pack, I also have bigger muscles even though that was not my goal to begin with.

        Testogen has countless of positive testimonials which is definitely a great sign.

        It’s safe to say that TestoGen users experience great results using the product.

        This is a huge factor.

        When looking at testogen reviews from users it is very clear that they have one thing in common:  they are experiencing symptoms of high testosterone production.

        testogen review

        Testogen results to expect:

        The noticeable results from using testogen are most of the times:

        • higher sex drive
        • more muscle mass
        • increased strength
        • quicker recovery
        • and higher energy levels.

        These are all signs of high testosterone levels and that even proves that TestoGen is successful in raising testosterone.

        TestoGen Side-Effects – Are there any?

        There are no side-effects from taking TestoGen. TestoGen is not a steroid. It’s a 100% natural and legal product made up of natural ingredients. Formulated in an inspected and approved facility.who is testogen for

        Testogen for sale and shipping

        Where can you buy testogen?

        Unfortunately you cannot buy testogen on amazon, GNC or from any other major supplement retailer.

        You can only buy testogen from their official website – visit heir official website here

        Testogen Pricing

        • 1 Month Supply: $54.95 each – Savings: $5

        1 box – 120 capsules

        +Free shipping

        • Buy 2 Get 1 Free: $119.95 ($39 each) – Savings: $60

        2 boxes – 240 capsules

        + 1 FREE box – 120 capsules (You get 3 boxes total)

        + Free shipping

        • Buy 3 Get 2 Free: $179.95 ($35 each) – Savings: $119.80

        3 boxes – 360 capsules

        + 2 FREE boxes – 240 capsules (You get 5 boxes total)

        + Ebook for free

        + Free Muscle Repair supplement

        + Free Shipping

        See  more details about their package deals on their pricing page.

        Testogen Shipping

        It’s super annoying when you’ve committed to purchase a product and then to find out that shipping is super expensive.

        Good news!

        Shipping is always fast and FREE for everyone!

        They ship worldwide for free to every country in the world.

        Doesn’t matter where you’re from. USA, UK, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, India…. and so on and so on… shipping is always fast and free.

        WARNING: Where to buy – TestoGen for sale

        testogen summary

        WARNING: Due to how popular the product really is, there have been a few fake websites popping up claiming they have TestoGen for sale.. When in fact they don’t.


        TestoGen has cut through all retailers such as GNC and Amazon. As you know these retailers need profit too, so why not just cut them out and pass the savings to you???

        It can ONLY be bought through their official website.

        You can access their only official website below.

        Where to buy: Access the TestoGen website by clicking here.

        How is TestoGen compared to other testosterone boosters?

        Out of the thousands of testosterone boosters on the market there are really only 2 other products that can be compared with TestoGen.

        Our goal has always been to reveal the truth and only recommend great products for our readers. Which is why you might want to consider these as well:

        TestoFuel vs. TestoGen

        This shouldn’t come as a surprise. We’ve been recommending TestoFuel for ages now. And for a good reason, it’s simply an outstanding product – just like TestoGen.

        What does TestoFuel have that TestoGen doesn’t?

        TestoFuel has lots more Vitamin D3. Which is an important hormone in the test boosting process. It also has Vitamin K2, Magnesium and Oyster Extract which TestoGen does not.

        What does TestoGen have that TestoFuel doesn’t?

        TestoGen contains a huge dose of Tribulus Terrestris, which is a super popular testosterone boosting ingredient. TestoFuel has no Tribulus Terrestris in their formula.

        TestoGen has much better package deals. They offer Buy 3 Get 2 Free and Buy 2 Get 1 Free. Whereas TestoFuel only has Buy 3 Get 1 Free.

        1 month supply of TestoGen is at $55 and TestoFuel’s 1 month supply is at $65

        What’s better Testogen vs Testofuel?

        If you’re exposed to little or no sun due to your location on earth (such as Iceland or northern Sweden/Norway where the winters are 20+ hour darkness) – then absolutely no question, go for TestoFuel as they have lots more Vitamin D3.

        If you’re looking for A LOT of value at a fair price then go for TestoGen. They have an excellent formula and their package deals make it a super affordable test booster.

        Prime Male vs. TestoGen

        prime male vs. testogenMostly aimed for older bro’s that are 35 years old and over. This test booster has taken the market by storm and is even recommended by Dolph Lundgren, the famous Hollywood action star.

        What does Prime Male have that TestoGen doesn’t?

        Prime Male was created for the older guys, so that they can feel young again. It contains a few of the same ingredients as TestoGen but Prime Male has a lots of other ingredients that TestoGen does not. These are premium ingredients that work very well for the older brothers out there.

        What does TestoGen have that Prime Male doesn’t?

        Well, Prime Male’s biggest advantage is also it’s biggest downfall. You see if you’re not at least 35 years old then really Prime Male won’t do that much for you. TestoGen is a great muscle building testosterone booster that works well for guys on the age between 18-34 years old. It also contains Tribulus which Prime Male does not!!!

        What’s better Testogen VS Prime Male?

        Are you 35 years old or over and you want to feel young again? Then go for Prime Male.

        Are you 18-34 years old and you want to build muscle faster and experience all the AWESOME effects of higher test levels? Then go for TestoGen.

        Testogen Overall Conclusion

        testogen review

        This is the end of our TestoGen review. So, does it really work? Is TestoGen worth your money?

        The answer to both of those questions is: YES! – It is approved!

        TestoGen is a great testosterone booster. After countless of hours and late nights spent on researching this supplement and with the hundreds of positive reviews out there. There really is no question here.

        What we’ve found out making this testogen review is that

        Testogen will provide you with the following benefits:

        • Build muscle faster
        • Get stronger
        • Increase libido
        • Improve mood and focus
        • Get more ripped
        • and overall boost your test levels

        It contains 8 extremely effective natural test boosting ingredients!!!

        Some of the highlights were:

        • D-Aspartic Acid
        • Tribulus Terrestris
        • Fenugreek

        When you go for their Buy 3 Get 2 Free package deal it almost feels like you’re stealing from them…

        It’s THAT much value for a whole lot of bottles plus some awesome free stuff as a bonus.

        You can learn more about it by visiting their official website here.

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