The Ripper Fat Burner Review – How Well Does It Work To Lose Fat?

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The Ripper Fat Burner

The Ripper Fat Burner










          • The energy boost it provides
          • It is in powder form so you can dose it as you'd like
          • Quite cheap compared to other fat burners.


          • It contains a proprietary blend which means you won't know exactly how much of each ingredient one serving contains.
          • Many of the best fat burning ingredients are missing
          • Very high caffeine dosage so you really cannot enjoy other drinks that contain caffeine while using it (E.g. Coffee or pre workout)

          The Ripper Fat Burner Review

          The Ripper fat burner review


          The Ripper fat burner by cobra labs is a fat burner in powder form with many different flavours available.

          Here’s the kicker..

          It contains some of they key fat burning ingredients but it’s missing many of them.

          The Ripper fat burner contains high doses of stimulants like caffeine and could really be used as a pre workout instead of a fat burning supplement.

          If you are wondering if you should give this supplement a try read our full review, we made the ripper fat burner review to help people to find out if this product really suits them.

          What’s better than The Ripper?

          See the Top 3 Fat Burners here.

          The Ripper Fat Burner Review – Does It Work For You?

          the ripper fat burner reviewChances are you stumbled on this article because you wanted to find a fat burning supplement that helped you to lose fat.

          Here’s the deal..

          We all know that losing fat is hard and it would definitely be nice to get some help from a fat burning supplement.

          Since there are so many fat burners available you cannot trust anyone in the supplement industry really.

          There are also a lot of scam products out there that simply don’t work.

          Which is a big problem for people like me and you that just want to buy an ethical product that actually delivers good results.

          I actually started writing reviews about supplements after having bought dozens of ineffective supplements that didn’t work.

          I wasted probably about $100 each month buying supplements that promised good results but simply were a complete waste of my hard earned money.

          Until I decided to educate myself about supplements, which I have been doing for the last 5-6 years.

          This supplement is definitely no scam product but I think they are marketing it incorrectly and promising good people like me and you unrealistic results by using it.

          The Ripper Fat Burner: Who Is It For?

          The Ripper fat burner by Cobra Labs is definitely not for everyone.

          In my opinion The Ripper is not for someone who wants to get the best fat burner available. – See the best 3 fat burners here.

          This is what I think…

          The Ripper fat burner is more for people who want a energy boost while training with fat loss being a little side benefit.

          As I’ve said before this product is missing a lot of the best fat burning ingredients.

          By looking at the ingredients I clearly see that is very similarly dosed as some pre workout supplements on the market.

          The Ripper Fat Burner: Ingredients

          the ripper ingredients

          If I just looked at the ingredients in the Ripper without seeing the label I would think this was a pre workout supplement.(Definitely a decent one)

          It contains two proprietary blends

          Extreme Muscle Fuel (2034 mg) – 

          This blend contains Beta alanine, Guarana Extract, Rasberry ketones and caffeine (200mg)

          You really don’t know much of each ingredient you are getting (expect they tell you how much caffeine it contains)

          What is my problem with this blend is that it is under dosed, well except for the caffeine 200mg is actually pretty good.

          This is why it might be under dosed…

          Since the recommended dose of Beta Alanine is normally 2000-5000mg there is a high chance you are not getting much of it.

          This is the problem with proprietary blends they are most of the times under dosed.

          Here’s the deal..

          No matter how you divide the ingredients in the remaining 2034 mg -200mg(the caffeine) = 1834 mg of the blend, it will always be under dosed.

          Rasberry ketones daily recommended dose is about 1000-5000 mg per day, so it is almost impossible that you are getting more than a minimum dosage of that.

          The only thing in this blend that might not be under dosed is the Guarana, since a normal dose for many people is around 200-800mg.

          Bottom line: 

          • Check mark symbolThe caffeine dose is good (we know that for sure)
          • X symbolHighly likely that the Rasberry Ketones and Beta Alanine servings are under dosed
          • X symbolThe Guarana might be under dosed (we don’t know because the label doesn’t tell us)

          Ripper Shred Matrix (1106 mg) –

          This blend contains Taurine, L-Carnetine, Green Coffee Extract, Green Tea Extract, Cinnamon Bark Extract and Olive Extract.

          Here’s the kicker:

          It contains a lot of ingredients for only being 1016 mg.

          As with the other blend they really don’ tell us how much of each ingredient this blend contains.

          This is why you need more of these ingredients…

          Taurine is definitely a solid ingredient which improves athletic performance and is quite often used in supplements.

          Recommended dose for Taurine is 500-2000mg which means it’s probably under dosed in this supplement.

          L-Carnitine is definitely a good fat loss ingredient, it helps the body to use energy from stored fat reserves.

          A normal dose is about 1000-3000mg so it’s highly likely that the L-Carnetine is under dosed in this blend.

          Green coffee been extract is popular fat loss ingredients, it cuts down glucose in the liver and decreases fat storage.

          It really depends on how much choleregenic it is to truly know the recommended dosage (and the label doesn’t tell us this information)

          So as far as I am concerned I would think it is under dosed.

          These ingredients might be useless:

          The Cinnamon Bark Extract is in my opinion pretty useless for losing fat even though it has other health benefits.

          Olive Leaf extract is also an ingredient that may be a little helpful in fat loss, but will not make a huge difference.

          I would not include these 2 last ingredients in a fat burner.

          Bottom line:

          • X symbolMost of the ingredients are under dosed.

          Cobra Labs The Ripper fat burner: Does It Work to Lose Fat?the Ripper Fat Burner Review

          If I were looking for a supplement to burn fast faster, The Ripper would never be my fat burner of choice.

          This is why:

          It contains some pretty solid ingredients which are unfortunately almost all under dosed.

          You could take 2 servings at once to make up for the low dosages but then you would get a 400mg caffeine serving which is very high and potentially dangerous.

          I am not sure if you will really experience the benefits of the ingredients that The Ripper contains because they are under dosed.

          The ripper fat burner has one nice benefit I can’t ignore:

          One thing is very good about The Ripper is it will provide you with plenty of energy throughout workouts.

          So I guess it would be good to use it as a pre workout supplement rather than a fat burner.

          You really aren’t getting that much of fat burning effects by using The Ripper.

          I’ve actually made an article about the best 3 fat burners on the market which you can access here.

          How Do Users Review The Ripper fat burner?

          I dug out some the ripper fat burner reviews on forums were people were describing how the ripper worked for them.

          It has been a big concern about the taste of the ripper and this customer was not happy about it:

          “Took the lime flavor. Each time I felt like I was drinking windshield liquid or cleaning stuff. Do buy it for the taste cuz your nipples will explode once you taste it bro. I feel the energy, does not help to get a pump or to achieve more rep, but helped me getting my *** up to go to the gym. There is better product out there.”

          This customer definitely felt a side effect called paresthesia. It is because of the beta alanine and gives you tingling feeling all over your body. That’s also a reason why many supplement companies don’t include beta alanine into their supplements despite being a very effective ingredient:

          “Very good taste for Razor Lime. However,itI gives me a strange uncomfortable tingling feeling in my head and harms, and most important for me, I don’t get the reduced appetite effect I get with some other fat burners. As for the fat burning effect, I won’t give an opinion because I don’t think these are not magical products but part of a whole and what I am looking for are the energy boost and appetite control effects.”

          I definitely agree with this customer, it feels more like a pre workout than ever a fat burner:

          “Very easy to mix and dissolves in seconds. The packets in the six-pack version are very convenient too. I bought the set of six just to try it out since I had a little bit of extra cash, and overall the taste is great. It’s very good as a pre-workout, and gives you that boost of energy to get you going.”

          Conclusion from The Ripper fat burner Reviews

          So overall it gets a good rating on the web but here is the problem:

           There is a concern amongst customers that this feels more like a pre workout than ever a fat burner.

          Which could be a negative factor for people looking for just a fat burner.

          It is missing some of the benefits that a good fat burner will deliver like the reduced appetite.

          If you are looking for a good fat burning supplement then check out our article on the best 3 fat burners on the market here.


          Here we answer some questions you might have about The Ripper by Cobra Labs.

          How To Use The Ripper Fat Burner

          If you happen to have a bottle of the Ripper at home I’m going to tell you how I’d use it.

          Since it contains a lot of caffeine I would use it before you workouts, this will give you a nice energy boost in your training sessions.

          The Beta Alanine might also help, even though the dose of it is most likely quite low.(still might make an impact)

          If you feel tired in the morning and you have a hard time waking up The Ripper will definitely help to give you a much needed energy boost.

          To truly use this product as a fat burner you have to make sure your diet is in check.

          These ingredients alone won’t help you losing fat if your diet is bad.

          So my advice to you would be to train hard and diet well.

          I’d also not use more than 2 scoops of the ripper per day because of the high caffeine.

          The Ripper Fat Burner Does It come with Side Effects?

          There were two ingredients In The Ripper that could possibly come with side effects.

          Caffeine –  Make sure you do not exceed 1 scoop of the ripper for the first few times you use it.

          You have to build up a caffeine tolerance before using more than 1 scoop.

          Also make sure you aren’t drinking other caffeinated drinks when using The Ripper like coffee, energy drinks and pre workouts.

          Potential side effects from caffeine: Insomina, fast heart beat, nervousness, muscle tremors and stomach upset.

          Beta Alanine – Beta alanine can cause paresthesia.

          Which is an uncomfortable tingly feeling all over your body, this is however nothing to be afraid of because it’s harmless and won’t affect your health.

          What Supplement would I recommend to use as a fat burner?

          If you want a product that is effective to lose fat the ripper may not be the best choice.

          However there are some products that have caught my attention and that I actually like using.

          I made a complete guide on what to look for in fat burners and which were my top 3 suggestions.

          You can access my fat burner guide here were I tell you my top 3 choices for a fat burner.

          Just remember fat burners are there to enhance your fat loss, these are no miracle supplements by any means.

          You should be following a proven diet and a workout regime already before using a fat burning supplement.

          Where Can You Buy The Ripper Fat Burner By Cobra Labs?

          You can buy the Ripper By Cobra Labs in almost every supplement store.

          It is available in GNC, amazon and

          You can get 30 servings for roughly $30, depends on where you buy it.


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