Thor Reincarnated As A Norwegian Navy Lieutenant

2016 doesn't matter anymore....



Well, if Marvel ever need to re-cast the role of thor you can bet who’s first in line because DAMN, he straight up looks like a real life Thor!! He’s called Lasse L. Matberg, and he’s not an actor… he’s actually a Lieutenant in the Norwegian Navy! So you can bet he no soft arse too!

Here’s him doing tough mudder Viking style…

And what’s more man;y then a man in the woods chopping logs…

And you can bet his golden locks have all the girls swooning at his feet!

It’s pretty easy to see why they’re all swooning for him too…

Like, DAMN, what girl could resist those golden locks?

Looks even better if you add a good back drop too…

He’s 6’6″, so it’s not exactly easy for the majestic creature to blend in either…

He scrubs up alright too…

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