William Bonac… Move Aside Kai, There’s A New Challenger For Phil Heath

2016 doesn't matter anymore....



Now, we all know about all the drama surrounding Kai and the Olympia… (If you don’t then where have you been?!?!). But there’s a new guy in town, going by the name of William Bonac, and DAMN, doesn’t his style just remind you of Kai??? Imagine how amazing it would have been to see these two similar monsters go head to head on stage with each other!

Bonac is an up and coming bodybuilder and has been slowly working his way up through the ranks of late, and who knows, (maybe sooner than we all think) he might break into the top 3 on that Olympia stage!

Kai was the #2 on the scene for a long time… But with his absence from the Olympia stage, Bonac is starting to grab attention with his similar style to Kai and the huge potential people see in him! As we mentioned a second ago, he’s still up and coming, improving every year… Definitely one to look out for in the future!! See how he stacks up agains Phil’s old #1 contender for 1st Place:

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James Caird
James Caird
UK 🌍 Natural Bodybuilder 💪 BNBF North East Overall Champion 🏆 BNBF North East Best Wheels 🏆 BNBF North East Junior Champion 🏆 Snap-chat & Instagram: @JamesCaird11 👻

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