Winstrol Side Effects: Dangers and Risks Of Using Stanozolol (Winstrol)

Stanozolol often referred to as Winstrol is a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from Dihydrotestosterone. It is mostly used by bodybuilders to retain muscle mass while losing body fat. The Winstrol side effects can be both harmful and dangerous to health. Side effects include acne, decrease in natural testosterone production, excess body hair growth and pattern hair loss.

What is Winstrol used for?

Winstrol side effects

Winstrol is usually used in a bodybuilders cutting cycle where the goal is to cut fat while retaining muscle mass.

It increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, which results in more muscle gain.

Here’s the deal:

Unlike most steroids winstrol “Winny” is mostly sold in oral tablet form, even though you can inject the substance. This is because Winstrol is solvent to water.

Winstrol Benefits and Effects

winstrol side effects

Winstrol effects on the body can really make a difference, it will help users achieve that aesthetically pleasing look by giving them more:

  • Hardness
  • Strength gains
  • Retaining lean muscle mass
  • Fat loss
  • Lose unwanted body fat

What winstrol really does is it increases protein synthesis and increases nitrogen retention, which are very important processes in building muscle mass.

The anabolic steroid winstrol is not usually used for “bulking up” or building muscle mass, it is mainly used for cutting and retaining muscle.

You can see all the winstrol benefits in our article here.


Even though Winstrol can be used at it’s own successfully(you can see winstrol only cycle results here),  many bodybuilders report using winstrol in a cycle with steroids like test propionate, trenbolone acetate or other anabolic steroids to achieve better results.

Since winstrol decreases natural production of testosterone it is common for users to cycle winstrol with testosterone.

Winstrol does not aromatize which means it does not convert to estrogen.  This makes side effects such as gynecomastia and water retention less likely.

This increasingly popular steroid is often described as a “mild steroid”.

The bottom line?

However the winstrol side effects can be dangerous and harmful and should not be ignored.

The best part?

There is however a winstrol alternative available that works similarly as real winstrol but comes with no side effects and we will discuss it later on in this article.

Winstrol Side Effects

winstrol side effects

The Winstrol side effects can be nasty and harmful to your health.

Make sure you know about all the risks involved before cycling with winstrol

  • Acne

The androgenic effects of Winstrol cause the skin to produce more oils.

Here’s the worst part:

This will result in acne and is especially a concern if you are sensitive to acne.

Many Winstrol users have reported getting a disgusting acne while using the substance

  • Male pattern baldness

If you are genetically prone to hair loss steroids such as winstrol will make you lose your hair faster.

Winstrol gives you higher levels of DHT which is a androgen sex steroid hormone.

The bottom line?

DHT causes the hair follicles to shrink which eventually makes these hairs stop growing.

This is one of the most common winstrol side effects.

  • Increase in LDL (bad cholesterol)

Winstrol can have negative effects on cholesterol, by increasing LDL (bad cholesterol) and decreasing HDL (good cholesterol)

This may vary from each individual, dosage and frequency of use.

Quick suggestion:

If you already have high cholesterol you should stay away from Winstrol.

High cholesterol could result in a heart attack and a stroke.

  • Decrease in natural testosterone production

Just like with all anabolic steroids Winstrol decreases natural testosterone production.

This could result in testicular atrophy since testosteorne is produced in your testicles.

Keep in mind that your testosterone production might get low after a winstrol cycle.

Here’s the deal:

You don’t want your testosterone production to decline, trust me.

This could result in the loss of muscle mass, infertility, decrease in energy and performance.

  • Liver Tocixity

Winstrol is toxic to the liver and can cause a condition called cholestasis.

This can be pretty bad:

Symptoms from this condition can cause itching, dark urine, jaundice and loss of appetite.

Anabolic steroids like winstrol can also cause tumors that form in your liver, however they are not cancerous but will definitely increase chances of getting a liver cancer.

  • Joint pain

You may experience joint pain using Winstrol, this is because it makes you lose water weight.

The pain is because winstrol removes synovial fluids from your joints.

  • Insomnia

Many users report of experiencing insomina when using Winstrol

  • Sweating

There have been reports of users sweating from the use of Winstrol, especially at night.

  • Depression

Since Winstrol lowers the testosterone production in the body it could make users feel depressed, this is especially common post winstrol cycle.

  • Weakening of the heart

Weakening of the heart have been linked with anabolic steroid use such as winstrol.

  • Loss in Muscle mass

Winstrol can lower natural testosterone production,  testosterone is the hormone responsible for muscle growth.

You could go catabolic post cycle and lose your muscle mass due to the lack of testosterone

  • Aggression

Anabolic steroids can make people more aggressive. Winstrol is no exception, many people refer to this aggression as “roid rage”

  • Lower sperm count

Winstrol decreases testosterone production which may result in infertility and lower sperm count.

Winstrol side effects females

winstrol side effects

Females have definitely more side effects to worry about when using Winstrol.

Women can experience side effects such as:

  • Irregular periods
  • Developement of male charasteristics
  • Deepening of voice
  • Body hair growth
  • Losing feminine traits such as curves or reduction in breast size

It is extremely important for women to be aware of these side effects and stop use of Winstrol immediately if they experience any of these symptoms.

Legal Winstrol Alternative – Winsol

Winstrol side effects

You want to get a lean muscular body without having to use Winstrol?

Don’t worry it is possible.

Premium supplement companies have now been able to formulate a legal winstrol alternative that mimics the effect of winstrol without the side effects.


Scientists and supplement manufacturers have been working hard to create safe and legal steroid alternatives.

Finally they came out with a Winstrol alternative that actually works and comes with no side effects or health risks.

It is a formula called called Winsol by Crazybulk.

The best part?

Winsol is formulated with safe and potent ingredients that will help you to drop body fat and retain muscle mass.

  • Build lean muscle
  • Drop body fat
  • Lose water weight
  • Retain muscle mass

Winsol is 100% legal and safe and is perfect for natural bodybuilders that want to take their physique to the next level.


This is not some kind of a magic pill that will make you ripped by sitting on the coach and eating chips.

This was designed for serious natural bodybuilders that want to experience what it is like to actually use steroids.

Even though Winsol is not an actual steroids it mimics the effects you experience when taking Winstrol the drug.

Winsol pros

  • Build lean muscle
  • Drop body fat
  • Lose water weight
  • Retain muscle mass
  • No side effects
  • 100% Legal
  • Buy 2 get 1 for free
  • Free worldwide shipping

Winsol cons

See the Winstrol steroid Pros and Cons list here

More info


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