Young Bodybuilder Strips Off In Lecture Hall And Students Look In Awe

2016 doesn't matter anymore....



Okay, so he wasn’t just standing up, taking his top off and totally crashing a lecture… The lecturer was giving a lecture on the human anatomy and wanted a volunteer to come to the front, take their shirt off so that the class could identify the muscle on a live human body…

When the lad volunteered himself, he was just covered in some lose baggy clothes, so no one really thought anything of it, but then he takes his shirt of and DAAAAAMN!!! THE DUDE IS JACKED!!! The whole lecture theatre just sit there in awe! Like they’ve never seen a bodybuilder in person before!

He was definitely a good specimen for what the lecturer was after! and damn… he definitely embraced his moment of fame! But fair play to the lad, he clearly works his absolute arse off to get the way he is!

Check out the full video below:

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James Caird
James Caird
UK 🌍 Natural Bodybuilder 💪 BNBF North East Overall Champion 🏆 BNBF North East Best Wheels 🏆 BNBF North East Junior Champion 🏆 Snap-chat & Instagram: @JamesCaird11 👻

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